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Conservatives at 37 percent as most Canadians want change in Ottawa
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Conservatives at 37 percent as most Canadians want change in Ottawa 

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A poll released by Ipsos shows 37 percent of Canadians would vote for the Conservatives while Liberals trail at 32 percent.

This comes in stark contrast to yesterday’s Nanos poll which showed Liberals polling higher than Conservatives. 

Meanwhile, the NDP is at 18 percent, followed by the Greens at seven, Bloc at five, and the PPC at one. 18 percent of Canadians are still undecided.

Looking at these figures, around 67 percent (two-thirds of Canada), wants a change in the Liberal government. 

Worse, Trudeau did not hold majority approval in any category of gender, age or education when respondents were asked if he deserved re-election.

This is Trudeau’s lowest polling number since he took office in 2015.

In a bit of a rebuke to Trudeau, Scheer was the preferred choice of women at 35 percent. Respondents aged 55 years and over (45 percent), and those with a high school education (41 percent), form the bulk of the Conservative vote.

Trudeau’s block consists of millennials (33 percent), and those with post-graduate education (36 percent).

The Liberals are losing everywhere except Quebec, where they beat the Conservatives 37 percent to 24.

Even in B.C., the Conservatives command 33 percent while the Liberals are at 28, dropping a ghastly 14 percentage points in just three months.

In Alberta, the NDP has made gains as they jump from 11 to 15 percent.

The drop for the Liberals comes as the passing of Bill C-48 (Oil Tanker bill) and Bill C-69 (Pipeline bill), along with the SNC-Lavalin scandal, cripple their hopes.

The PPC managed to get on the poll.

Support for the Greens is also on the rise, while the NDP are consistent at around the 18 percent mark. If these parties won’t bring Trudeau a coalition government, they will surely help Andrew Scheer secure the bag in October.

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