The SNC affair appears to seriously be affecting the PM’s polling numbers with the most recent Forum Poll placing the Conservative lead at more than 9% over the second place Liberal Party, who are still figuring out a way to manage through the SNC-Lavalin scandal.

Last week, a similar poll found that Scheer-led Conservative Party had a comfortable 40 percent of support from those polled. Their climb did not stop there, as events that transpired afterwards, namely the resignation of Jane Philpotts, one of Trudeau’s most trusted cabinet members, resigned.

This resignation was horrible optics for the Liberals who were already scrambling and trying to figure out a way to stop the bleeding.

The poll conducted now has notched the Conservatives up another two points, cruising at a cozy 42 percent.

The Liberals trail at 33 percent, still keeping afloat amongst the wreckage.

The NDP have fallen to 12 percent, with the Greens and People’s Party both much further back at 5 and 4 points respectively.

With the Conservatives passing the 40% mark, it is worthwhile to point out that both the Harper government and Trudeau’s won their majorities with 38-39% of the popular vote.

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