Why Communists and Fascists should get along

Like most politically moderate people, the increase of political extremism and violence in place of peaceful dialogue has been extremely alarming to me.

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Like most politically moderate people, the increase of political extremism and violence in place of peaceful dialogue has been extremely alarming to me.

Any proliferation of fascism or neo-Nazism is something that most people will find seriously concerning but what should be just as concerning is the growth of communist and socialist extremism which doesn’t carry the same stigma and I think that’s one of the first things we have to confront if we’re going, to be honest about facing the problem of extremism.

We can’t denounce one version of it while being more lenient to another. This hostility between communists for fascists has always been bewildering to me because while they insist that they are diametrically opposed to each other, even a cursory understanding of these two political doctrines and their historical implementation will poke some big holes in that assertion. And that’s strange because we’ve always been taught that they are polar opposites.

Fascism is the extreme on the right and communism is the extreme on the left. But polar opposites don’t tend to agree on things as much as socialism and fascism do. Like, with any other kind of spectrum that we know of, if you take whatever it is that sits at opposite ends of that spectrum, what you should find is a dichotomy that has absolutely nothing in common. So, for example, consider the grayscale spectrum.

On opposite ends, you have black and white and these two “colors” or intensities of light share nothing in common with each other. White reflects all light and black absorbs all light. Similarly, if communists and fascists were truly polar opposites, then we shouldn’t be able to find anything in common between them.

But what we do find is that they have quite a lot in common, including: Totalitarianism, state-controlled economies, militarism propaganda, cult of personality, imperialistic expansionism, nationalism, secret police, correct political think, state-controlled media, infringement on liberties, concentration/labor camps, and a lot of dead people… With so much in common, you’d think they’d have more reasons to get along!


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  1. Your lack of knowledge talking about such heavy subjects is disconcerting. These days anyone with a camera and a microphone can speak about what they don’t know and act like they are professionals on the subject. Simply said your equation of fascism with communism is intellectually lazy and dishonest.

    For example, how is imperialist expansionism a trait of a communist government? You do realize the Bolshevik’s pulled out of WW1 on the fact that it was an ‘imperialist war’ and that Bolshevism is strictly against imperialism. That is essentially their creed! Anti-imperialism. In fact for fun, let’s take the terms you compared communism to fascism and see how easy it is to twist something so complex into a simplified message that fits your transparent agenda.

    How is capitalism compared to communism?


    Totalitarianism: Totalitarianism in capitalism can be seen in many examples, like the Spanish invasion of South America, when they simply used and killed people for commodity extraction. Also forced christianity onto people and killed them if they didn’t convert.

    State-controlled economies: If you are insinuating that capitalism is an entirely free market, what about the 2008 financial bailout of 3 trillion dollars to banks, who caused the crash and used the money for their own personal gain. Furthermore, a lot more could be written on this point, but there’s no need.

    Militarism propaganda: If you don’t think the US has engaged in Militarism Propaganda (cough cough the threat of communism to overthrow governments for their own gain), than i have a bridge to sell you. Not only this, but we have to look no farther than the uncritical and sycophantic NYT, who pushed a war on Iraq. An absolute joke, militarism propaganda, lol.

    Cult of personality: I’ll leave this aside, because this is subjective.

    imperialistic expansionism: Lol, see above.

    nationalism: By nationalism do you mean the jingoism and blind patriotism of the USA, or the splitting of the US from Britain?? Or do you mean nationaization of state assets, something that has been practiced by the US for a long time?

    secret police: See the NSA, CIA, et al.

    correct political think: By correct political think do you mean the branding of anyone who doesn’t agree with the US as anti-American? Or what about Bush proclaiming that if you’re not with us, than you’re with the terrorists.

    state-controlled media: See Chomsky’s Manufacturing Consent for examples of a pliant media who simply serve as stenographers for the state department.

    infringement on liberties: By infringement on liberties, do you mean something like Guantanamo Bay, or what about the numerous war crimes and illegal invasions committed by the US which killed millions of people not from the US.

    concentration/labor camps: Unbelievable that you seriously think Karl Marx was a proponent of concentration/labor camps. You absolutely have no knowledge of this subject.

    and a lot of dead people: Yes like capitalism/colonialism which resulted in the death of millions of people, through slavery, imperialist expansion and wars like Vietnam.

    You should really educate yourself on the world before talking on subjects like this. Your ignorance on the subject is very obvious, and you are only further perpetuating biased views and slander.

  2. https://www.snopes.com/hitler-nazis-capitalist-system/

    First quote is a misquote. This video needs more citations.


    Can’t find violence against antifa people?


    “In what relation do the Communists stand to the proletarians as a whole?

    The Communists do not form a separate party opposed to the other working-class parties.

    They have no interests separate and apart from those of the proletariat as a whole.

    They do not set up any sectarian principles of their own, by which to shape and mould the proletarian movement. ”

    Recognize that the “cursory understanding” of communism being presented has to do with the nationalist Marxist-lenninist states led by a “Communist party”, which Marx (who you quote numerous times) was opposed to. If the attack is against Leninism or Stalinism, which is entirely reasonable, then do that. Its called revisionism.

    It is worth mentioning that there were numerous more moderate “communist” movements which did not have this nationalist edge — Republican Spain, Anarchist-Communist Ukraine (Nestor Makhno), Rosa Luxembourg, Piotr Kropotkin (read “The Conquest of Bread”), etc…

    This video appeals to fairer economy – the inherent dynamics of capital will always push to an unfair system. I think that there are socialist models out there which do strike a solid balance – but as Marx predicted, there will come a point where the means of production will outstrip the individual ability to make a living selling labour – instead of sticking to a protestant work ethic (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvJTUZaivCI), we need to think about how our societies can work fairly.

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