Civil-war in the PC party?

Party insiders have also told us that the party is supposedly facing strong pressure from grassroots members in regards to the position of the Carbon tax in the PC platform.

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Party, politics, and a lot to gain

TORONTO, ON – Sources close to the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario have told Steve Paikin, the host of The Agenda that the Leadership Organizing Committee (LEOC) of the PC Party and the PC Caucus are only “recommending” to the executive committee how to proceed with this race.

Therefore, the Executive Committee will have the final say on the convention rules, candidate eligibility, entry fee, and other details surrounding the race which is set to culminate on March 24th, 2018.

Sources have further confirmed to the Post Millennial that computers at the Ontario PC Party Headquarters in downtown Toronto were the target of a major hack that included ransom demands.

Sources are telling us that the party brass has real doubts about whether or not the party has the adequate confidence in its ability to allow e-voting in the upcoming Leadership Convention, and is apparently leaning towards providing mail-in ballots for this upcoming race.

Suprise Entrants

It is also being rumored that the party brass is pressuring former PC Party Leader and current Toronto Mayor John Tory to seek the leadership. Sources close to the campaigns of Caroline Mulroney, and Rod Phillips are telling journalists that should Tory seek the leadership, they will not run for the leadership of the PC Party.

If Tory chooses to not step into the race, the contest would likely boil down to Mulroney, Phillips, former Toronto City Councillor Doug Ford, MPP Monte McNaughton, and other candidates.

There is also reported confusion over Interim Leader Vic Fedeli’s role in the upcoming Leadership race. Fedeli is said to be interested in seeking the permanent leadership of the PC Party, and caucus is asking that he be allowed to run while maintaining his job as Interim Leader.

However, it is up to the LEOC to determine whether or not he’s allowed to stay on as Interim Leader. If the rules change and Fidelli is not allowed to stay on as Interim Leader and run for the permanent job, then the PC Party would likely see a second contest for the position of Interim Leader within a week.

Staff Exodus

Many employees of the PC Party will find themselves out of a job over the course of this weekend. According to sources, Bob Stanley, the Executive Director of the Party has been fired, others have been fired as well but their positions are not being confirmed.

Most of these positions are backroom officials who are being fired for budgetary and political reasons in addition to those who are being fired for their involvement in what is being called “problematic nominations.”

According to sources, Party President Rick Dykstra will remain the Party President “for now.”

This weekend there were also allegations of the misuse of party funds during the time in which Patrick Brown was the leader of the party.

The party has confirmed to the media that this is currently being investigated.

Thom Bennett, an Ottawa based fundraiser for the PC Party sent the PC Fund a letter over the weekend stating that:

“I am at a total loss as to what the thinking could be that our executive would tell our elected MPPs — those soldiers who are putting their name in front of the electorate time after time — to screw off, we run this party, The executive knows why they overruled our elected representatives — and it has nothing to do with letting the members have a say in the new party leadership. I fear that this executive decision spells the death knell of the PC Party of Ontario! The majority of our supporters do not understand nor back this stupid and self-serving decision.”

Sources are telling CBC Journalist Mike Crawley that there are also emails being circulated in which a Toronto-area riding association President claims that there is a “very strong push” to try to “reverse” the decision to have a leadership race with the riding President saying that “we cannot let this happen.”

Carbon Tax

Party insiders have also told us that the party is supposedly facing strong pressure from grassroots members in regards to the position of the Carbon tax in the PC platform.

This is the latest saga in the brewing civil war between the party executive, the caucus and the grassroots members of the party.

We will keep you updated on what occurs as it develops. 

Update: John Tory will not be a candidate.

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  1. Glad Tory isn’t running. The city of Toronto is an absolute shambles under his rule. If anything, become the mayor of Dundas when your time in T.O. is finished…go smaller, don’t try to go bigger!

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