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Chrystia Freeland set to speak at “invitation-only” Aga Khan event
Chrystia Freeland set to speak at "invitation-only" Aga Khan event
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Chrystia Freeland set to speak at “invitation-only” Aga Khan event 

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The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chrystia Freeland is set to speak at an “invitation-only” event at a charity founded by the Aga Khan.

Freeland will be speaking to Financial Times editor, Hugh Carney on the “Rise of Popular Discontent and What We Can Do” at the Global Centre for Pluralism.

“How can the West, and other regions, respond to the forces of populist grievance in ways that foster and strengthen pluralism ─ addressing legitimate concerns while combating efforts to sow division?” reads the event description.

Freeland previously worked alongside Carney as an editor of the Financial Times. Before becoming the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Freeland had an extensive career as a journalist and writer.

The Global Centre for Pluralism was established jointly with the Aga Khan and the Government of Canada in 2006.

Recently the Prime Minister’s relationship with the Aga Khan has been under close public scrutiny for having accepted a vacation to the religious leader’s private island in 2017.

Currently the affair is being investigated by the Lobbying Commissioner to see if it was in violation of any rules.

The event will be livestreamed for viewers to watch at 7PM ET.

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