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Charlottetown baby murderer sentenced to six years
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Charlottetown baby murderer sentenced to six years 

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A Prince Edward Island woman who pled guilty to killing three babies has been sentenced to six years in prison. The guilty women is Shannon Dawn Rayner of Charlottetown, according to the Toronto Sun

The murders occurred in 2014, 2015, and 2016. Rayner is also being charged with hiding the body of one of her victims. There was no suggestion that these murders were a result of post-natal depression, and a state psychiatrist deemed Rayner to be mentally fit at the time of the murder.  

Earlier this year, the police discovered the corpse in a shed in a suburb of Charlottetown. The other two babies died a short time after they were born, and were soon later discovered in a garbage bin. 

Rayner has been sentenced to two years for each infanticide, to be served consecutively, and a year for hiding a body, which she will serve concurrently. 

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