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“Tout le Monde en Parle” the French-language CBC program which hosted Omar Khadr on their Easter Sunday program this year has been suspended from Twitter.

According to the official Radio-Canada website a disgruntled user took credit for the account suspension claiming the program was “glorifying terrorism” and that it was a “terror apologist”.

Khadr, who was convicted of being responsible for the death of U.S. Army Sergeant Christopher Speer, entered the program’s studio to general applause before being interviewed by the TV show’s host Guy A. Lepage.

The segment which was called “Omar Khadr: dreaming of an ordinary life”, included an interview discussing his relationship with his father, the former Al-Qaeda financier Ahmed Khadr.

“No, I don’t resent him. I don’t think my dad knew the extent of what I was doing,” claimed Khadr regarding the period he worked as a translator and Al-Qaeda member

The interview also touched upon the $10.5 million settlement awarded to him by the Trudeau government. Shortly after the settlement was announced, the prime minister claimed that the federal government was pressed with a human rights challenge it would have lost against Khadr and that a settlement was the best option for Canada.

Shortly after the television program, the show’s host, Lepage, fired back at critics who took issue with Khadr’s appearance on the national broadcasting channel by calling them “nobody”.

Currently, Twitter has not been willing to comment on the individual suspension.

The profile was last known to have nearly 150,000 followers before being suspended. According to Lepage, the situation is in the process of being remedied.