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That’s the end.


The next question is about hydro rates.

Wynne talks about how they have reduced hydro rates by 25%. The Wynne government had caused skyrocketing hydro rates and then used government debt to subsidize hydro bills. Wynne defends they Hydro One CEO’s salary.

Horwath criticizes the decision to sell shares of Hydro One. She also criticizes the government’s refusal to put a cap on executive salaries.

Ford says that he will fire the Hydro One executives.


The next question is about what the leaders would do about global warming.

Ford says that he believes in global warming but that the carbon tax does not help the environment.

Wynne says that cap-and-trade makes sense because “it’s about the polluters paying”. She highlighted the ways the cap-and-trade is like a free market.

Horwath complains that the revenue from cap-and-trade have not been spent fairly.


Talking points continue.


Doug Ford says that the NDP will annihilate the middle class.


Ford asks Horwath how she knows she would not be the same as Bob Rae (premier 1990-1995).

Horwath talks about all the ways that their plan is more responsible than the 1990 Ontario NDP’s plan was.


One can only wonder what perspective Mike Schreiner (Green Party) might have added to this discussion.


Most of the debate, unsurprisingly, is consisting of predictable talking points from each leader.


Wynne says she thinks that if Ford had a plan, that he would have published it.


Horwath asks Ford what his billion cut is going to look like. She points out that people have started voting since yesterday, but that voters do not know where the cuts will come from.

Ford’s response consisted mostly of talking points about hydro rates and cutting taxes. He also highlighted the NDP’s platform costing error.


There is a very fiery exchange between Wynne and Horwath on back-to-work legislation.

Wynne says it is a necessary government tool, Horwath disagrees.


Wynne asks Horwath if she could really promise to never use back-to-work legislation. She asks about the real implications of deciding to never use such an option.

Horwath responds by saying that the government would not need to use back-to-work legislation if it provided good working conditions. She seems unconcerned about the possibility that a public sector strike could last indefinitely.


There is a strange exchange between Horwath and Ford, in which they accused each other of having bad candidates. We really have seen many from both sides.


Andrea Horwath highlights the diversity of her candidates, highlighting gender, race, age, and orientation. She also highlights the diversity of her staff, and their anti-bias training.

Doug Ford says that this is the most diverse the PC candidates have ever been in terms of race and background, while the NDP have radical candidates who get inspiration from Adolf Hitler.

Kathleen Says being 1 of 4 children gave her an understanding of power imbalances in society. She highlights her party’s anti-bias training and vetting for staff and caucus.


This may be NDP leader Andrea Horwath’s strongest debate performance in 3 general election campaigns.


Kathleen Wynne says the further increase to the minimum wage will be very important to improving affordability in the province.


Wynne highlights initiatives that aimed to improve affordability.

Horwath highlights all the ways in which life has become less affordable under Wynne.

Ford highlights that the last NDP government under Rae made life less affordable with tax-and-spend policies, and promises to “empower the people” and “not the government” by cutting taxes.


Kathleen Wynne claims that things are getting better in Ontario, disagreeing with an earlier statement by Horwath.


Andrea Horwath highlights the fact that some voting started yesterday, and criticizes Ford for still not having released a costed platform.

Kathleen Wynne added that Doug Ford’s promises would have to be paid for by record high cuts.


Very strong opening statements from all 3 participants.

Kathleen Wynne highlighted new programs like free prescription drugs and tuition for youth.

Doug Ford highlighted the Liberal government’s failings.

Andrea Horwath says that the other two parties have created cynicism among the electorate.


Kathleen Wynne says her party was elected to “build this province up” and claims that they have done so.


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  1. First things FIRST.Get rid of that Stupid BC Premier,the worst man in power.Holding up the pipe line,So much for the good,just get rid of the bad first!!!!I tip my hat off to TRUMP,he would never stand for this CRAP.

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