CBC changes article title allegedly favoring Justin Trudeau

An article on the CBC website mysteriously changed its title minutes after posting.


An article on the CBC website mysteriously changed its title minutes after posting.

The original heading read “Canada is not perfect, far from it”, and covered the following question posed by a member of the public town-hall:

“You say that you’re concerned and you have the best interests of Canadian security at heart. You can’t even run half-decent security at this event here. How are you going to make sure we’re all safe?”

While the new headline reads “Canadians can feel safe despite returning ISIS fighters”

It’s interesting to see that a public broadcaster would choose to change headlines in such a way to drastically favor the governing party. The CBC should explain why it made this choice to the Canadian public, or else face losing our trust.

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Yanky Pollak

Yanky is an activist, business owner, and photographer.


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  1. the Liberals give CBC boatloads of taxpayer dollars…of course they have an angle to favour the Liberals, the upper office @ CBC wants another raise w/ a bonus!

  2. Of course we are not safe with these Isis fighters coming into our country. Is the Prime Minister
    trying to completely destroy our country. Not only is he flooding our country with people
    who want to change our laws and take over our way of life, but he is making our country unsafe
    and a frightening place to live . We need a new leader who understands why our ancestors
    faught so hard to keep Canada safe. I am a proud 4 th generation Canadian and I don’t believe the Prime Minister values our country and why we work so hard to keep our freedom for our children.

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