Catherine McKenna: “Climate Denial And Misogyny Seem To Go Together”

In Catherine McKenna’s mind, disagreeing with the government on climate issues equals hating women.


In Catherine McKenna’s mind, disagreeing with the government on climate issues equals hating women.

It seems like the Trudeau governments virtue signalling engine will simply never turn off as they continue to demonize Canadians who disagree with them.

The latest example of that deliberate effort to demonize and divide Canadians comes in a recent Tweet by Catherine McKenna.

Apparently, McKenna thinks that disagreeing with her on climate change somehow equals hating women.

The problem with this mentality is that soon enough any topic that a Liberal does not agree with could soon become taboo. In effect choosing for our entire culture what we can and cannot agree with.

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  1. the problem is the liberal government under Trudeau are pushing their tax grabbing ideas down the throats of tax paying Canadians . their immigration program is nothing only a burden on Canadians . we will never see the light of day any more . industry is at a standstill and jobs are being lost . its the worst government since his father was in power . they are ruthless and will do anything to get votes . I have never seen so much unrest in Canadians in my life . they are liars , thieves and Hippocrates .

  2. The largest dividing factor at play in Canada right now is the Liberal government. Followed in a close second by the main stream media who seem to have their noses up the Liberals rear ends. This name calling woman, and others in Canadian politics like her, are setting the womens movement back years. My wife of 26 years, who works in a male dominated industry, said ” I wish she would keep her mouth shut. She is setting the whole womens movement back.” I love my wife.

  3. Yes, because both climate change advocacy and radical feminism each spring from the same sick progressive mindset. She’s finally figure it out!

  4. Common sense has being dying slowly over the last decade. The election of this government has hastened the process. I had hoped that, my personal bias aside, I could support what this government does. Very little of what they do and say makes any sense to me. I have to admit that McKenna leads the pack in ridiculous statements. With Trudeau busy making statements that provoke international laughter, that takes some doing.

  5. To put a gender spin on climate change is an act of sheer stupidity on the part of a) a woman, b) a Liberal, and c) someone who spent thousands of dollars of taxpayer dollars having herself photographed.

  6. Calling us misogynists makes her a man-hating POS!!!! What about the women who disagree with the lie???
    Time to eliminate these race, gender, religious dividers of our country – before they destroy us!!!!

  7. This woman is a disgrace to intellectual women. Let’s give the portfolio to Michelle Rempel. No brain = No balance. Misogynist….Really? Maybe if she wasn’t following the agenda of Gerald Butts she may have credibility

  8. What silly nonsense. This woman is such an intense climate idealogue that she equates disagreement with her ill founded views on climate change with bigotry. She will interpret all evidence, positive and negative, in terms of her pre-conceived views. The prime minister has made a terrible choice for minister.

  9. As a woman, she makes my skin crawl. The fact that our Resource sector is in any way, shape or form in her hands, just shows what a joke it will be. She is sadly one of many Ministers who are there to be activists, not to have rational thought.

  10. Hmmm, by the comments it seems that some Canadians are unhappy. According to the US media everyone in Canada loves the PM and all the great things he’s done.

  11. This woman is nothing more than a silly assed feminist who should be ignored and shunned. Just like all of Trudeau’s silly assed progressive Liberals, she equates anyone who has an opinion different from hers as a woman hater. Well in a matter of speaking maybe she is right as I hate women who USE their gender to further their political agenda and personal ambitions of control and ‘THOUGHT MANIPULATION.”

  12. Soooo, because one doesn’t buy into #FakeScience they are predisposed to a dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women??? Does that mean Al Gore, David Suzuki and Bill Nye are “women”?

  13. I never did drink the cool aid and was suspicious from the start of this journey down the global warming/climate change rabbit hole. For one thing Inread a lot from both sides of the argument and I stayed awake during physics, geography and history classes many years ago in school.
    The climate change warriors will only consider human activity production of CO 2 as the only cause of climate variation over time. CO2 is the gas of life and history and geology tell us that in ages past life on earth flourished during high levels of this gas.
    The whole study has been so highly politicized at the legislative and academic levels that any researcher who questions or suggests that other factors are bigger contributors to the age old cycle of climate change is demonized.
    Trudeau, McKina, Suzuki are so fanatical about the wicked fossil fuel burning phenomena that they are saying that anyone who disagrees with them should face criminal charges.
    They lost me when email between East Angelia and Mann were saying that they had to get rid of the Midevil warming period, [apx. 900- 1300 AD] to make there theory fly. Sorry boys, that event In history is a documented fact.


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