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Politics are The Post Millennial's bread and butter so we strive to provide a reasonable alternative amongst a sea of constant nonsense. If you have interest in topics from Parliament Hill to Capitol Hill (minus Justin Trudeau's socks) then click no further. At The Post Millennial we've got you covered. The Post Millennial covers breaking political news, political articles and opinion pieces from all across Canada. Showcasing news from some of Canada's top writers who deliver content from Montreal, Alberta, Ontario and British Columbia. The Post Millennial takes Canadian political reporting very seriously. Moreover, we take our readership very seriously.  The Post Millennial will stick by your values to deliver you the most engaging and relevant content possible.  Ensuring that you get the best of your local and national politics, and not the other way around.

More than a year after resigning his seat in Parliament, Jason Kenney is hoping to take up a new one next week in the Alberta legislature.
A cross−country squabble over how best to divvy up the proceeds of Canada’s coming legal−weed windfall is about to intensify as finance ministers gather for high−stakes talks in Ottawa.
If a business owner can’t afford the upcoming minimum-wage spike which is one of the largest in the province's history, they do not deserve to keep operating, or so said Barrie MPP Ann Hoggarth.
Living here in Canada, we often forget all that it has taken to establish the best country on earth. The prosperity, liberty, choice, and opportunity that Canadians have, put us amongst the most fortunate human beings of all time.
Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on Wednesday. Trump also promised to move the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. The move was a promise Trump made during the 2016 presidential election.
Canadians are proud, and sometimes comically kind people. Of Which I am a proud member. But sometimes people do take advantage of our cultural niceties, and that is why I believe it's time Canadians became outraged and showed it. 
The Canada Revenue Agency is taking steps to quell a furor over what critics were calling its heartless treatment of diabetics.
There is an old adage that Canadian prime ministers have two key jobs. One job is to maintain good economic relations with the United States and the other is to keep Quebec from separating. Quebec separatism remains on the wane. However, Justin Trudeau isn't doing very well on the trade file with the United States.
A municipal ban on sexual touching in strip clubs is putting sex workers at risk, hampering their ability to make money and denigrating their autonomy, according to some activists in London, Ont.
Yesterday Vice published an article which called out Andrew Scheer, his campaign manager Hamish Marshell, his campaign organizer Georganne Burke, and even the digital director for his campaign, Stephen Taylor for islamophobic actions. But were they truthful?
Most Canadians sadly miss what occurs in the house of commons or even on the news. That is why I've put together a compilation video covering the recent discussions on Omar Khadr, and returning ISIS terrorists.
A decades−old sore spot in the Canadian federation is days away from another flare−up as the country’s finance ministers prepare to discuss potential tweaks to the formula behind equalization payments.
The great licence plate fight between Alberta and Saskatchewan may be escalating into a much larger conflict.
A landmark new study from Veterans Affairs Canada appears to confirm what many have long feared: Canadians who have served in uniform are at greater risk of taking their own lives than members of the general public.
The parliamentary budget officer estimates it will cost at least $3.2 billion in capital investment to bring First Nations water systems up to the standards of comparable non−Indigenous communities in order to eliminate boil−water advisories by 2020.
The U.S. International Trade Commission has unanimously voted that the American lumber industry has been harmed by Canadian softwood lumber imports.
Canada's men and woman in uniform seem to receive no respect in Canada as our government continues to expect they perform in high-stress environments with near to no support.
Mitt Romney’s allies lashed out at former White House strategist Steve Bannon on Wednesday, a day after he said at an Alabama rally that Romney and his family "hid behind" their Mormon religion to avoid military service.
President Donald Trump’s move to recognize the divided city of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital may have triggered a worldwide chorus of critics but the president had his ears closely tuned to his supporters at home.
Congress seems set to prevent a weekend government shutdown, but lawmakers and President Donald Trump still have longer−range disputes to settle over spending, immigration and other issues before they can declare budget peace.

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