Yesterday Vice published an article which called out Andrew Scheer, his campaign manager Hamish Marshell, his campaign organizer Georganne Burke, and even the digital director for his campaign, Stephen Taylor for islamophobic actions. But were they truthful?
A startling report in the French language paper Journal de Montreal shows Liberal MP Sherry Romanado made extremely aggressive and disgusting comments on a Facebook post in regards to an obese individual.
A heart−rending case involving a Halifax−area boy has triggered new calls for a national strategy to help families with children who can become violently aggressive because of severe autism. 
In preparation for this column, I have been scouring social media for fake news. I knew that there was a lot of dishonest articles and posts but I can say that the level of dishonesty is what surprised me. During my search, I stumbled across Proud Trumpers.
The Trudeau government seems to truly believe that convicted terrorist deserve to keep their citizenship.
Shepherd was not the first academic to suffer injustice in this matter. She was simply the first to record it and disseminate proof of her victimhood.
Apparently, the only way to stop the scourge of global “Climate Change” is to squelch it in a schmaltzy tidal wave of bubbly cheerfulness. That, at least, seems to be the strategy of Canada’s Environment Minister, Catherine McKenna, who I like to call the “Minister of Perkiness”.
Bolstered by recent polls showing a resurgent Conservative movement in Canada, party leader Andrew Scheer has now started to go on the offensive as he attacked the government based on the stark revelations found in the Auditor Generals report.
With the invention of the internet, we’ve been given a wealth of knowledge that’s so easily accessible it’s hard to imagine how different our lives would be without it.
Too busy to read the entire auditors report? Our highlight includes all the important details such as: Agents at the Canada Revenue Agency’s call centre, meant to assist taxpayers with their tax questions, answered only 36 per cent of all incoming calls and only provided correct answers to auditors about 30 per cent of the time.
United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions has asked federal prosecutors to "evaluate certain issues" related to the Clinton Foundation. Key among the issues to be examined is the relationship between the Clinton Foundation and the sale of Uranium One. The Canadian-owned Uranium One was sold to Rosatom, owned by the Russian government, while Hillary Clinton served as Secretary of State.
A petition urging the Canadian government to take action in regards to ISIS returnees in Canada.
Justin Trudeau's Liberal government is having a lot of trouble agreeing to a new trade deal. Any trade deal. It is typical of this government that the reasons for these troubles are not a result of Justin or any member of his caucus.
Today’s topic, ladies, and gentlemen is the state of Alberta politics and what they mean for Canada.
Time is running out on Trudeau to right the ship before the October 2019 election.
Patriotic Dad provides commentary on the harmful rhetoric that has been coming from the Alberta NDP recently.
It is becoming increasingly obvious that the process used by the Democratic party to select Hillary Clinton as their nominee for the 2016 United States presidential election was unfairly tilted in Clinton's favour. The revelations are adding to the internal strife among the warring factions within the Democratic party.
Things keep getting worse for embattled Finance Minister Bill Morneau. Morneau's troubles began with the ill-advised changes to the small business tax regime. Morneau's next bout of problems centred on the revelation that his vast shareholdings in Morneau Shepell were not held in a blind trust.
It seems the vast number of union-funded attack ads that have been aimed at Patrick Brown has finally started to take a toll on the parties image with female voters, a new poll suggests.
A new Nanos poll has found that roughly 61% of Canadians say that the next generation will have a lower quality of life than they enjoy today. 

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