Edmonton councillors have voted to impose a one−year moratorium on any new combative sports events in the city following the June death of a boxer.
ive things to watch for in the Canadian business world in the coming week:
More than a year after resigning his seat in Parliament, Jason Kenney is hoping to take up a new one next week in the Alberta legislature.
A cross−country squabble over how best to divvy up the proceeds of Canada’s coming legal−weed windfall is about to intensify as finance ministers gather for high−stakes talks in Ottawa.
The Canada Revenue Agency is taking steps to quell a furor over what critics were calling its heartless treatment of diabetics.
A municipal ban on sexual touching in strip clubs is putting sex workers at risk, hampering their ability to make money and denigrating their autonomy, according to some activists in London, Ont.
The Supreme Court says Canadians can expect the text messages they send to remain private — at least in some instances — even after the messages reach their destination.
A decades−old sore spot in the Canadian federation is days away from another flare−up as the country’s finance ministers prepare to discuss potential tweaks to the formula behind equalization payments.
The parliamentary budget officer estimates it will cost at least $3.2 billion in capital investment to bring First Nations water systems up to the standards of comparable non−Indigenous communities in order to eliminate boil−water advisories by 2020.
The U.S. International Trade Commission has unanimously voted that the American lumber industry has been harmed by Canadian softwood lumber imports.
Mitt Romney’s allies lashed out at former White House strategist Steve Bannon on Wednesday, a day after he said at an Alabama rally that Romney and his family "hid behind" their Mormon religion to avoid military service.
President Donald Trump’s move to recognize the divided city of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital may have triggered a worldwide chorus of critics but the president had his ears closely tuned to his supporters at home.
Congress seems set to prevent a weekend government shutdown, but lawmakers and President Donald Trump still have longer−range disputes to settle over spending, immigration and other issues before they can declare budget peace.
A Calgary woman engaged in a class action lawsuit against the federal government is coming forward with new allegations about Disabilities Minister Kent Hehr, saying he was disrespectful and condescending when she raised her concerns directly with him.
The Vermont Progressive Party in Burlington is endorsing the stepdaughter of Sen. Bernie Sanders in the race for mayor.
A contrite−sounding Kent Hehr publicly apologized Tuesday to a group of thalidomide survivors who accused the disabilities minister of belittling them and their cause as a "sob story," among other insults, during an in−person meeting earlier this year.
Justin Trudeau's Liberals are not doing very well on the international trade file. Trudeau left a recent meeting aimed at resuscitating the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) without a deal in hand. NAFTA re-negotiations are purportedly not doing well.
North Korea says a nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula has become a matter of when, not if, as it continued to lash out at a massive joint military exercise between the United States and South Korean involving hundreds of advanced warplanes.
Ali Omar Ader has been found guilty in the kidnapping of Amanda Lindhout in Somalia.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is bringing his feminism to the G7 summit next year, when Canada takes its turn hosting the gathering of world leaders.

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