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Canadians are proud, and sometimes comically kind people. Of Which I am a proud member. But sometimes people do take advantage of our cultural niceties, and that is why I believe it's time Canadians became outraged and showed it. 
A new Nanos poll has found that roughly 61% of Canadians say that the next generation will have a lower quality of life than they enjoy today. 
Gutierrez is a fine example of what happens to academics who have been educated under the umbrella of cultural Marxism, and who cannot view any subject except through the lens of racism/misogyny/colonialism. Here we see the bottom of the slippery slope that begins with the premise that “equality” means equality of outcome rather than equality of opportunity.
Two by-elections were held on Monday night one in Alberta and the second in Quebec both were to replace conservative MPs who resigned from parliament. Sturgeon River—Parkland in Alberta held by Tory interim leader Rona Ambrose and was as expected an easy hold for Conservatives. The other by-election was in the riding of Lac-Saint-Jean in Quebec, represented by Conservative Denis Lebel since he won a by-election in 2007 in the old riding of Roberval—Lac-Saint-Jean.
Last August, two law professors, Amy Wax and Larry Alexander, wrote an op ed in the Philadelphia Inquirer arguing that the 1950s prescription for success – get an education before you marry; marry before you have children; try to stay married for the sake of your family – was still the best recipe for success.
This goal of this series of posts is to reflect on Rachel Notley's current NDP majority government in Alberta.
When the Liberals still considered themselves Canada's natural governing party there was an unofficial philosophy which fostered their success. That philosophy was to campaign from the left and govern from the right.
Quis custodiet ipsos custodies? Who watches the watchmen in our society? That is the case before the court of public opinion in Canada today.
The project had been forecasted to create the equivalent of 9,000 full-time jobs over the decade of construction and provide $3.8 billion in new tax revenue.
The proposed Energy East project would have carried oil from Alberta and Saskatchewan across the country to be refined in New Brunswick.
Liberal Men Walkout on Female Chair due to her Beliefs Justin Trudeau's Liberals have proven again that they are open-minded as long as you agree with their views. That is the exact opposite of truly being open-minded and is a...
The outcome of raising the minimum wage has been to hurt poor people.
As the NDP looks to select a new leader they may put their current seats in Quebec in jeopardy. It will be difficult for the NDP to find a leader who can replicate Mulcair's results in the province, never mind Layton's. Here the Conservatives may have opportunity.
Even many “small l” liberals admit that it is time for a change in government and they may have their point.
Trying to find any good that can come from monopolized and government controlled marijuana market is like trying to get high off lint. It just doesn't work.
It’s time for Liberal to stop their tax and spend politics, and its time they stop playing with our economy. We need a real plan for economic growth, and sadly it seems Justin has none.
Their argument states that the current small business tax rules unfairly give entrepreneurs the ability to shield their income from present taxes for tax planning purposes. However, this is the same government that cut the contribution limit on TFSAs by $4,500 upon taking power in 2015. 
The United States was the destination for a little over 75% of Canada’s foreign trade in 2016. It is vitally important that Canada and the United States renegotiate NAFTA. If Mexico leaves for political reasons that are of relatively minor importance to Canadians. Justin Trudeau and the Liberals must act in the best interest of Canadians.
It comes to no surprise that Cannabis, also commonly known as marijuana or weed is the most widely used illegal drug in Canada.
For too long progressive politicians and progressive media outlets have turned a blind eye to the crimes of Antifa. As discussed on Tuesday, the Washington Post was the first mainstream progressive media outlet to condemn the black bloc protesters who call themselves Antifa.

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