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The Post Millennial employees love to be the best at what they do and get better all the time. The news industry moves quickly and so do we. Our motto is to produce factual, independent and thought-provoking journalism, for Canada and the world. We help intelligent, creative, and hungry professionals make a meaningful impact in Canadian media and Canadian communities.

News moves fast, and so does our remote writing team. We have remote columnists in almost every Canadian province, the US, and even as far away as the UK, Germany, and the Philippines. This allows us to cover breaking news and report on current events even while our Montreal headquarters employees are sleeping.

We are looking for someone who can stick to a flexible schedule and is passionate writing about Canadian news events. As a remote writer, we will work out a custom plan with you that fits your lifestyle with a certain number of hours or articles per week.

You will work closely with our editors to submit news articles and follow up on the development of the story. Being quick to respond and a real team player is part of our culture at The Post Millennial. We encourage everyone to share details from their areas of expertise to make content creation and distribution better for our readers and employees.


Many of our remote writers specialize in one topic while others prefer to switch their columns up. Our remote writers keep in touch regularly with our editorial team to maintain an efficient content pipeline. We employ remote writers across our network and for multiple websites.

  • Canadian breaking news
  • Canadian political analysis
  • Canadian political opinion
  • Canadian business
  • Environment
  • Culture
  • Crime
  • Health
  • Law
  • Home and garden

What you’ll do

  • Write news articles according to a custom created schedule
  • Stay in close contact with our editorial team for assignments or idea pitching
  • draft, pitch, and create news articles or stories from idea to content
  • Think critically about The Post Millennial’s remote content creation strategy and use your experience to help improve it

What you’ll bring

  • Experience remote/freelance writing while meeting deadlines
  • Attention to spelling and grammar with an intolerance for errors
  • Knowledge of on-page SEO and keyword research is a big plus
  • A passion and sense of responsibility for producing honest news

This position is remote. If you are in the Montreal area and would like to work in our offices please mention this is your application. 

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