Political columnist

The Post Millennial employees love to be the best at what they do and get better all the time. The news industry moves quickly and so do we. Our motto is to produce factual, independent and thought-provoking journalism, for Canada and the world. We help intelligent, creative, and hungry professionals make a meaningful impact in Canadian media and Canadian communities.

Producing Fresh News requires a passion on the part of the writer, along with a love for research and developing a story over time. Our political columnists understanding the inner working of the Canadian government and enjoy analyzing policy changes, and staying up to date on what is happening in the Canadian political landscape.

We want a political columnist who is happy to write a story the second news breaks, conduct investigation journalism themselves, and develop stories over time.

You will work closely with our other political columnists and content creation team including writers, editors, graphic designers, motion graphic designers, and marketing team members. Being quick to respond and a real team player is part of our culture at The Post Millennial. We encourage everyone to share details from their areas of expertise to make content creation and distribution better for our readers and employees.

What you’ll do

  • Write breaking news articles about Canadian and international politics as they relate to Canada
  • Write analysis pieces that explain in plain English Canadian political current events and policy changes
  • Draft, pitch, create and develop journalistic stories working with team members from idea to article
  • Think critically about The Post Millennial’s content creation strategy and use your experience to help improve it

What you’ll bring

  • Experience writing political news articles for a sizable publication
  • Attention to spelling and grammar with an intolerance for errors
  • An investigative and tenacious attitude to develop stories
  • Knowledge of on-page SEO and keyword research is a big plus
  • A passion and sense of responsibility for producing honest news

This position is based out of Montreal, QC

This position is eligible for remote work

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