Newsroom intern

The Post Millennial interns love to learn and are obsessed with keeping up to date on the news. The news industry moves quickly and so do we. Our motto is to produce factual, independent and thought-provoking journalism, for Canada and the world. We help intelligent, creative, and hungry interns make a meaningful impact in Canadian media and Canadian communities. Many of our newsroom interns go on to work with us or at other large digital publications.

Newsroom interns don’t only get a look inside a modern, technology-first newsroom. They get tossed in head first and are expected to push buttons, pull levers, fail and succeed. We have a fast-paced startup culture and are more focused on your capacity to learn and improve than your likely limited or non-existent industry experience (previous experience is of course not a problem and those with newsroom experience are encouraged to apply.)

We are looking for someone who enjoys wearing many hats and wants to taste a little bit of everything a modern newsroom has to offer. You should have a passion for Canadian news, enjoy external research, and be immersed in social media and other online communities.

You will work closely with all members of our team including spending time with the CEO, CTO, and Editor-in-Chief. Being quick to respond and a real team player is part of our culture at The Post Millennial. We encourage our interns to share details from their areas of expertise to make our organization better.

What you’ll do

  • Shadow and work with the CEO, CTO, and Editor-in-Chief
  • Draft, pitch, create and develop news stories with our writing team
  • Edit news articles and distribute them across our network with our editorial and distribution team
  • Work with our graphic design team to come up with ideas for infographics and motion graphic videos
  • Interact with the sales team to prepare client reports and draw conclusions from data

What you’ll bring

  • An insatiable appetite to learn
  • An interest in Canadian news, particularly Canadian politics
  • An interest in working with individuals and teams in multiple departments
  • 20 hours a week availability during school, 40 hours during summer or breaks
  • Previous newsroom or other relevant experience a plus
  • SEO, graphic design, and/or programming skill a plus

This position is based in Montreal, QC.

No previous experience is required for this position.

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