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Carbon tax to blame for high gas and grocery prices
Carbon tax to blame for high gas and grocery prices
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Carbon tax to blame for high gas and grocery prices 

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Gas prices are through the roof, most Canadians are near bankruptcy and we can’t even afford our groceries. That is the daily reality Canadians have to deal with.

Of course, the reality of ordinary Canadians is something that’s entirely lost on the establishment Liberals, who can’t seem to fathom why people are upset by their snooty little fingers reaching further into our pockets.

While the threat of a recession looms over our heads we are supposed to kneel down and happily praise our overlords for their wise guardianship of our environment while we sink more money into government coffers.

Let’s put this into perspective, just the other day there was a story out in British Columbia where a guy was siphoning gas from a parked car while the owner was away on vacation.

Am I mad, or do we in fact live in the Mad Max universe? According to police in British Columbia, there’s an ongoing spike of gas theft hitting the province. In Justin Trudeau’s dystopia, Canadians are turning to crime just so that they can drive to work.

If the Mad Max analogy is apt, then Catherine McKenna might be the equivalent of Lord Humungus and her band of marauders are the Ministry of the Environment.

To be honest, I’m not surprised British Columbians are stealing gas when they’re faced with the ludicrous price of paying $1.79 per litre to fill up their tanks. When compared to the average wage of Canadians, and assuming that they fill up their tank once a week, that price would mean that ten per cent of their bi-weekly paycheques are going towards gas alone.

Furthermore, the price of everyday needs like getting food on the table is also going up. According to recent numbers by the Consumer Index Report, the price of groceries rose 1.9% in March.

Instead of offering a solution and attempting to get food prices down, what do the Liberals do instead? They reward the very corporations responsible for intentionally fixing grocery prices, for their “environmental” friendliness.

Loblaws, who admitted to a bread price fixing scheme that affected the poorest of Canadians, was awarded $12 million by the federal government to upgrade their refrigerators.

What a mad, mad world we live in.

The truth is, we might have ourselves to blame. We were in fact warned that a carbon tax would lead to the aforementioned consequences. According to a thorough study from 2012 by the Canadian Tax Journal, Canadians were advised that the cost of basic necessities would rise if a carbon tax were to be implemented.

It’s unclear how McKenna and her carbon tax marauders expect Canadians to be on board with a tax that’s making everything get more expensive, while ordinary people are just trying to get by.

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