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Canopy Growth and Drake team up on new cannabis venture
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Canopy Growth and Drake team up on new cannabis venture 

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Canopy Growth Corporation, formerly Tweed Marijuana, is teaming up with Toronto-based rapper and recently-named artist of the decade Drake.

Drake will now be holding a 60 percent stake in More Life and Smiths Falls-based Canopy Growth will own the remain 40 percent.

Canopy Growth will provide all day-to-day operations and maintenance of the Toronto-based More Life cannabis production facility, also retaining all rights to product distribution at the location.

On the flip side of the deal, Drake has granted More Life exclusive rights to use certain intellectual property, brands, and imagery with the growth and sale of marijuana and marijuana products, merchandise, paraphernalia, and accessories at home and abroad.

The move to partner with Canopy Growth came shortly after Drake had sent out bouquets of flowers to various companies around the GTA, hoping to make partnerships headed into his next business venture.

Though the partnership seems to be a match made in heaven for both parties, only time will tell whether or not this business venture is as successful as his others.

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