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Canadian UN Worker Arrested In Nepal For Pedophilia

60-year-old Canadian humanitarian worker Peter John Dalgish has now been arrested in Nepal and is under investigation for child sex crimes, according to a police report on Global News.

According to police, Dalglish was taken from a home in a district north of Kathmandu. Police said in a statement two girls, 12 and 14 years old, were “rescued” from the same house.

Police allege children were lured with a promise of education and foreign travel before they were sexually abused.

Authorities said in the statement they are investigating whether more children may have been victims.

The Canadian government confirmed the arrest of a Canadian national in Nepal but provided few details citing the Privacy Act.

“Global Affairs Canada is aware of the arrest of a Canadian citizen in Nepal,” a spokesperson said in an email. “Consular services are being provided. Due to the provisions of the Privacy Act, no further information can be disclosed.”

Why Does This Matter?

Dalglish’s humanitarian work stretches back decades and includes large-scale recognition.

In 2016 for example, then-governor general David Johnston inducted Dalglish as a member of the Order of Canada, for “his efforts to alleviate child poverty worldwide, notably by establishing and leading Street Kids International.”

You can even find a photo of this wretched man with the Prime Minister.

I simply cannot understand how a man like this has been allowed to fester within Canada for so long and at such high levels.

What do you think? let us know below!


  • Good thing this piece of crap got busted ... but now the question arises, why does Trudoh chum up with not only his terrorist allies, but also with alleged pedophiles?
    Do Canadians really want a girly boy, that has the worst degenerates of society as friends, to represent our country, our Canada, our home?

  • This goes back decades and is not partisan. Child sex abuse and trafficking is a huge global business that serves mostly an elite clientele. Blame police corruption and Crown complicity for this epidemic.

  • Just wondering what Trudeau has to do with it? So what if he’s photographed with someone! Do you have any idea how many people he has his photo taken with in a year? Or month? This is disgusting Trump style sleazy character assassination. Canadians are smarter than falling for this propaganda tactic. STOP IT!!

  • What NGO is doing in Nepal ? Where all the money goes which has been collected in the name of Nepal?

    Lure poor people to change religion , building church in the area where there is no Christian , Giving out bible together with few kg's of Rice etc etc . Now they started raping minority deprived children's .

    Reminder : Another Canadian terriost was deported from Nepal last year involving on anti-Nepal activity .

    Why don't you guys just get out from this Himalayan Republic ?
    #ShameOnYou #GetOutFromNepal #NGO

  • Justine Trudeau's father Pierre was an alleged pedophile Satanist. He was a member of the Jesuit Order of the Rose, which was why he always wore a rose in his lapel. I believe it was Cathy O'Brien that said Pierre Trudeau had sexually abused her as a child. All I can say is that I met Pierre Trudeau when he was Prime Minister and came to Labrador for the inauguration of the Churchill Falls Hydro Electric project. I was a 10 year old little girl, and he kept looking at me from across the room full of people and winking at me.

  • Why is it always the negative with what this Trudeau is always associated with. #1 Rewards a convicted terrorist with 10.5 Million Taxpayers Dollars. #2 Only ever sitting Prime Minister convicted of violations of Ethics, by the Ethics Commissioner.#3 Broke many promises he had made to the People of Canada in order to get elected. #4 Declared Immigrants convicted of crimes that amount to Treason are not to be deported after time served and declaring a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian. #5 Declaring ISIS fighters wanting to return to our great Country will be an asset and not a danger. #6 Summer jobs money will only be given to anyone who supports Liberal Govt. ideology, never happened before. #7 Says India was in helpful in convicted Sikh in coming to India with his trip. So much more and now is friends with Pedophile arrested in Napel. This person Trudeau is a dangerous Fool and must be removed.

    • I've been sayiing Trudeau is a dangerous fool as well for quite some time. Just saw another photo of a perv who apparently was Trudeau's "room mate"......Why would Trudeau need a room mate with his money?

  • Successful predators are really good at convincing the rest of the world that they aren't predators. This guy might well have been that good. It happens and if he's now been uncovered I hope he is dealt with appropriately. In any event, he is a Canadian citizen and as such is entitled to the full support of External Affairs.

    There is also the outside possibility that he stepped on some official's toes and is being set up, so I'm going to follow the case and keep an open mind.

  • I don't trust anyone that WANTS to work with children... it's one thing if it's a role you just end up with; but to CHOOSE to work with them? like have you met children? They're like shitty versions of older people

  • Why do some of commenters politicize this issue. I don't think that, or at least I hope not, Rob Boutilier was indicating that this vile P.O.S. is a friend of Trudeau or that Trudeau condones pedophiles. Did you read the paragraph that stated this pedophile's "humanitarian work stretches back decades and includes large-scale recognition"? This means that he may even be in a photo with Stephen Harper but Rob just chose to use the one in the article.
    Rob, I hope that the reason this poor example of a man has been allowed to fester within Canada for so long and at such high levels be is that no one in the organizations he's been involved with and our government had no clue he was and is a pedophile. Was your reason for attaching the photo of this P.O.S. with the PM to imply that the PM likes pedophiles? If not, can you tell that to some of the people that commented to your article?
    Michelle, your entire commentary is despicable and is undeserving of being addressed. I'm happy that I don't know you and feel sorry for those that do!
    I'm not a Liberal and have only been a member of one political party, the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, but I am ashamed by many of the comments posted in "The Post Millennial" by feeble minded, and probably uneducated and irrational conservatives. All a reasonable person needs to do, despite his political views, is read many of the comments in this post with an open mind. I feel ashamed to be associated with some of the ignorant people by also being a supporter of the party that they support.

  • 1st he should be stripped of being a member of the Order of Canada, 2nd the Canadian government should make a statement condemning this creep, 3rd he should be released to the families of his victims and let justice be severed oh I meant served.

  • is it humanly possible to have such a phony would make na aluminum siding salesman cringe...

  • Disgraceful but you never know whom friends and aquaintances really are til they are exposed..Bill

  • NO surprise there...have no doubt TruDOPE has lots of 'bad practices' in his background, NOT just groping some reporter.

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