Canada’s Minister of Perkiness

Apparently, the only way to stop the scourge of global “Climate Change” is to squelch it in a schmaltzy tidal wave of bubbly cheerfulness. That, at least, seems to be the strategy of Canada’s Environment Minister, Catherine McKenna, who I like to call the “Minister of Perkiness”.

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Climate Change without Action

Apparently, the only way to stop the scourge of global “Climate Change” is to squelch it in a schmaltzy tidal wave of bubbly cheerfulness.

That, at least, seems to be the strategy of Canada’s Environment Minister, Catherine McKenna, who I like to call the “Minister of Perkiness”.

Disclaimer: When the author of this column calls McKenna the “Minister of Perkiness,” it’s obviously just a clever “satiric” jab; he means no disrespect, nor is he in anyway mocking the Environment Minister. Indeed, the author believes “perkiness” is a wonderful trait, unless, of course, it’s taken to extremes, in which case it can be massively annoying.

OK, so where was I… Oh yeah, McKenna’s extreme perkiness.

“Enthusiastic Idealism”

My point is, every time you see McKenna blather on about battling climate change, she’s overflowing with a gushing sense of enthusiastic idealism, seasoned with an immense dose of rampant, unbridled optimism.

Listening to her, you’d believe creating a national, industrialized economy that runs on nothing but solar panels and windmills will be easier than convincing Justin Trudeau to pose for a selfie.

It’s a super-charged, pep rally sort of mentality: “Hey gang, if we all pitch in, we can beat this mean old climate change; Billy, you can ride your bike to work, Sally, you can turn down your furnace in winter, and Viet Nam, well you can shut down your entire coal industry. It’ll be fun!”

And just in case anyone misses the fun in stopping climate change, McKenna notched up her perkiness when she showed up to work on Halloween dressed in an adorable “Climate Crusader” costume.

Discussion questions: 1) Did former Prime Minister Mackenzie King ever show up in Parliament during World War II wearing a Captain Canada costume? If not, why not? 2) Is using the word “crusader” a form of Islamophobia? 3) What, if anything, does this have to do with Justin Trudeau’s socks?

At any rate, you can certainly see why McKenna’s feel good approach to planet saving would be popular; I mean, who doesn’t want to believe we can save the planet with cute photo op stunts.

Mind you, sometimes McKenna takes her perkiness a bit too far, like the time she (or someone on her crack team of Tweet writers) went on Twitter to perkily praise notorious Syrian dictator and alleged mass-murderer Bashar al-Assad for signing the Paris Climate Agreement.

No word on whether or not al-Assad signed the agreement while wearing a “Poison Gas Avenger” costume.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see if McKenna’s perkiness will succeed where other non-perky climate change fighting strategies have failed.

Poor Plan or No Plan?

Recall how former Prime Minister Jean Chretien’s plan to stop climate change mainly involved giving lots of tax dollars to CBC comedian Rick Mercer, so he could star in a bunch of “One Tonne Challenge” TV commercials.

Strangely, this did little to stop glaciers from melting.

Later came former Prime Minister Stephen Harper, whose plan was basically to ignore pleas from environmental experts like Leonardo DiCaprio.

And now, it’s Mckenna’s turn, and people are hoping she will get the job done. Though, unfortunately, her policy of unrestrained perkiness is getting off to a bit of a slow start.

According to a recent UN report, for instance, Canada won’t meet its 2030 greenhouse gas emission target.

So, if she’s serious about meeting that target, maybe McKenna should start making Canadians pay a lot more to heat their homes or to drive their cars; or maybe she should curtail economic growth.

Troublesome options, right?

Well, don’t worry; if McKenna does do any of those painful things, I’m sure she’ll still do it perkily.


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  1. She is a lawyer…..knows Canadian law but severely deficient in laws of physics or she would realize how foolish she appears to the scientifically educated…..i.e., real science and not that politically adulterated, Obama, George Soros and Al Goron funded pseudo-science…

  2. Just one more zipper head perky or not they are putting Canada in =to a hole we will never climb out of and accomplish NOTHING! just make us all poorer, hungrier and definitely less safe and secure in our own country…. Worst Canadian government ever in all of history right here today…. pathetic thieving imbeciles.

  3. I was a bit disappointed when you mentioned perkiness….I was looking for the cold winds of climate change to reveal themselves on the front of her dress…

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