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Canada’s elites are increasingly delusional

Canada’s elites are increasingly delusional 

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If you listened to the message being pushed by Canada’s elites, you might think that Canada has a substantial role in the world, that other countries listen to us, and that we are “big players.”

But all of that is a delusion.

A delusion that Canada’s elites appear to be increasingly mired in.

In all the areas of tangible power, whether economic, military, or diplomatic, Canada is falling behind, and getting even weaker.

Our economic growth is weak, way below that of our neighbour to the south. Our energy industry is crumbling, with the US, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Iran, and other oil-producing countries the biggest beneficiaries of our self-inflicted damage to our own energy sector.

Our military is basically non-existent, resulting in a situation in which we not only can’t defend ourselves but can’t contribute in any meaningful way to our alliances like NATO.

And when it comes to diplomacy, Canada’s elites are stuck in a pathetic “soft power” delusion, where they think we somehow “punch above” our weight, yet have no evidence to back that up. In fact, our economic and military weakness is the main cause of our diplomatic weakness, as can be seen in how Communist China feels free to treat our Citizens and our nation like garbage while facing no repercussions.

Now, Canada, of course, has the potential to be an economic power, and our high level of technological advancement could give us the ability to have an efficient and effective military. That would boost our diplomacy, and give us some real power and influence in the world.

But that won’t happen so long as the elites in our political and business class continue living in a fantasy world rather than waking up to Canada’s severe challenges and weaknesses.

If our country can’t even get our own resources to market if we can’t keep our own country unified if we can’t defend ourselves, and we can’t stand up to countries that mistreat us, why would anyone respect Canada at all?

Canada’s elites attempt to distract from our weakness by repeatedly comparing our country to the United States, thinking that somehow makes our weakness and vulnerability acceptable.

Even worse, the mismanagement of Canada by the elitist class makes us far more dependent on the United States, which would be hilarious if it wasn’t so ironic and hypocritical.

At the end of the day, Canada is a country that is squandering our potential on a massive scale, and other countries must be stunned to see us do so little with so much. For that to change, we must reject the delusions being pushed by the corrupt elites and wake up to the reality of what Canada really is, and what Canada should be.

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