Canada’s Confederation Is Looking Weaker Than Ever

Under Justin Trudeau, our confederation looks as if it's falling apart due to a failure to respect the rule of law, our constitution, and the economic interest of Canada. 

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The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada at the Women Deliver 2019 Conference. Photo by Women Deliver.
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Under Justin Trudeau, our confederation looks as if it’s falling apart due to a failure to respect the rule of law, our constitution, and the economic interest of Canada. 

As well as his failure to show fairness in actions against various provinces.

We’ve seen a bitter pipeline war erupt between two economic powerhouses in Canada under Trudeau’s watch, as Alberta is preparing to cut off oil shipments to BC. This situation only gets worse and worse because of the inaction on the part of the Liberal government.

Mr. Trudeau has also neglected to show fairness amongst provinces, as he is prepared to withhold $62 million in federal funds to Saskatchewan because they’re opposed to instating a carbon tax. But, as BC opposes federal rule from Ottawa, Trudeau still handed them a check for 4.1 billion dollars.

Therefore it’s easy to see where the Liberals true ideology lies, and the favoritism of different provinces based on their political leadership. 

As both a carbon tax and pipeline are not in line with the Liberal’s true environmental policy.

Although the Liberals say they want to get this pipeline built, they fail to show equal treatment among provinces as they’ll threaten to withhold funds from Saskatchewan but won’t even bat an eye at the BC provincial government.

What are your thoughts on this? 


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  1. Good. We need our younger people to realize this is just the beginning and all of us are going to suffer. Stop the NDP and Trudeau !

  2. What would you expect based on how Daddy Turd treated Alberta 30+ years ago?

    I’ll bet very few know how the Turd family originally got their money? It all started with the family business in Montreal – the Trudeau Oil Company. They sold it to a major oil company in the early 60’s, took the money and ran. Daddy Turd then turned on the hand that fed the family fortune with the NEP and now Turd Jr is doing the same.

    Too bad that the unwashed do not see the handwriting of how the Liebrials handle them. By creating the Nanny state, crippling major industries (sources of income) to hobble good jobs and pushing the masses into servitude they will eventually control not only the incomes of people but their entire lives. This lets them control them from cradle to grave for no other purpose than to stay in power.

    Daddy Turn once said that he could not bring socialism to Canada but he could emulate it through the tax act.

  3. I am confused why they use Mr in front of his name — I have different names for him but cannot post them here, I can say he is an immature narcisit with apparentent mental health problems – I mean the guy does not act normal – he is embarrassing all of us!!

  4. The more I read about Trudeau, the less confidence I have for the survival of Canada in the next years.

  5. I could not agree more. Trudeau is destroying Canada. He favours indigenous people over all others. Our tax money is flowing directly to indigenous causes, people etc. I believe they have it way better than any tax paying Canadian. Go to a pipeline consultation with an indigenous group and the environment is not even discussed. How much money and when is always the question.
    Trudeau acts as a bully to anybody, group or government that disagrees with anything he campaigns for. Trudeau’s out of control spending and taxing is destroying the wealth of this country.

  6. the young people of this country need to be aware of how a 20 Billion deficit affects them let alone 4 years in a row of 20 Billion deficits. Canada is quickly becoming a socialist country headed towards bankruptcy.

  7. Every province is already separated but we should reconfederate under a New Legitimate and Truly Canadian Constitution. The one we have isn’t a Legal one.
    The truth about that will be coming out soon..

    The Myth Is Canada: the British North America Act, March 29, 1867 is not a Constitution for it constitutes nothing

    Read more at…/the-myth-is-canada…

    The Canadian Peoples Union, CPU Freedom 2017 is working on that and all we need is 1000 Canadians to become registered members of the CPU to get this started.

    Check out

  8. I genuinely believe Canada is headed for civil war. Albeit more slowly than the US, Canada is just as divided, and becoming more so every day.

  9. Trudeau is Western separatism’s best friend and as it looks like he will be reelected by eastern Canada, it will certainly make for winning conditions in each western province for independence. Way to go Trudeau!

  10. Justin Trudeau is the worst leader in the history of Canada, he has no clue what he is doing to our country. I hope and pray that the east also sees this and votes his ass out next election. The ethics commissioner is turning a blind eye to everything he is doing

  11. This idiot is going to tear Canada apart. He is trampling the morale of this great country into the dust.

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