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Canada now marked with a terrorism label?

You had to see it coming.

As Canada continues to accept tens of thousands of refugees of questionable backgrounds from countries, allowed scores of asylum seekers to just walk across the border from the U.S and even promised to reintegrate ISIS terrorists into Canadian society, sooner or later the world was going to scream.

Well the screaming has started.

Canada is now being labelled as a supporter of terrorism in a story headlined: “Terrorist Threat on the U.S. Northern Border”  that appeared in an American Centre for Democracy online publication, over the weekend.

The ACD outlines its mission as one committed “to exposing threats to our free speech rights, political and economic freedoms and national security.

“ACD fills an important gap created by inadequate risk assessments of our cyberspace, GPS & UTC. We use our Threatcon programs, our multidimensional Terrorist Finance Network Tracker (TFNT), and our experts to better inform government, public and private sectors’ policy makers,” the ACD website says.

So what’s the ACD saying about Canada’s open borders?

The ACD points to a book by a team of Canadian experts of Islamist terrorism led by Tom Quiggin, a former Canadian military intelligence officer, and intelligence analyst for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and a court-appointed expert on jihadist terrorism, “documenting the development and advance of Political Islamist groups in Canada in a the new book: SUBMISSION: The Danger of Political Islam to Canada (With a Warning to America).”

“In a chapter on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the book exposes how he had supported the Islamist cause on every possible occasion since 2008 when he was elected as a Member of Parliament,” the ACD report says. “The chapter also examines how political entryism has enabled well known Islamists to operate inside of the Canadian cabinet and government.  Further to this, the Prime Minister sent a video to a gathering of Islamist groups in Canada in which he noted their “shared beliefs, shared values, and shared vision.”

“The book also exposes several of the Muslim Brotherhood front organizations, and their successful efforts in penetrating the education system, their charities and their methods of funding Islamist intimidation campaigns, especially regarding restrictions on free speech, as well as terrorism within and without Canada. All these and more, while attempting to reshape the country in their own image,” the ACD report says.

“The book closes with a chapter titled “A Warning to America.”

“In this chapter, Quiggin notes that since 1999, the U.S. has nearly been attacked at least four times by Canadian based Islamist terrorists. Good luck and good intelligence have prevented these attacks. However, since the Islamist base in Canada has been allowed and even encouraged to grow exponentially, potential terrorists could cross easily to the U.S. If a terrorist attack in the U.S. will be committed by terrorists entering the U.S. from Canada, the political repercussions on both sides of the border are likely to be severe.  This would include demands from politicians that the border is closed until the security situation in Canada improves.

“Quiggin notes that the American government policy of keeping the northern border with Canada “thin” and open to the free flow of goods, services, and people should be re-examined,” the report adds. A wall could not stop the Islamist coming across the Canadian border. But a more sophisticated vetting of all visitors from Canada, at the border crossing, could.”

So there you have it. We’re not all nuts in Canada for demanding our Liberal government to increase border protection and secure our nation. Now, we’re starting to acquire a terrorist label?

A blog on from writer Chris Bannister June 12 put it this way: “‘Homegrown’ Canadian extremists pose the greatest terrorism threat to the U.S. coming from the northern border,” the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) warns in a report.

“In its Northern Border Strategy report, DHS describes how violent extremist terrorists have the ability to slip through the cracks at the U.S. northern border,” the report says.  “Potential terror threats are primarily from homegrown violent extremists in Canada who are not included in the U.S. Government’s consolidated terrorist watch list and could therefore enter the United States legally at Northern Border ports of entry (POEs) without suspicion.”

The report included these recommendations:

  • Enhance existing joint operations to include counterterrorism activities.

  • Exchange timely and actionable information and intelligence on cross-border terrorism and other illicit activities with federal, state, local, tribal and international partners.

  • Promote and improve integrated operations to identify, interdict, investigate and interrupt terrorist and other illicit cross-border activities.

  • Leverage internationally-deployed assets and international information-sharing partnerships to support interdiction or disruption of terrorist or other illicit activity at the earliest possible juncture.

  • Embedding partner education and deterrence operations into its posture at the Northern Border.

  • Visible and non-visible capabilities demonstrations and coordinated messaging campaigns.

This is a wake-up call! As the Liberal government continues to believe in its “diversity-is-our-strength” philosophy, the rest of the world is ducking for cover.

The rest of the world knows we have a problem with security along our borders and now with security within our country.


  • Well, it's not like Trudeau didn't earn it. Maybe the only thing he has ever actually earned in his life.
    The problem is that it still gets applied to the country even when he is long gone in his million dollar vintage convertible.

  • Trump was right we are a security risk, Trudope does not care about Canadians, And yes I seen it coming long ago

  • As an old man now, i remember doing a repair for an old man of 83 years, when I was in my 40ts. Peaintheair Trudeau was PM and the old man told me that multiculturalism is the worst thing being done to Canada. Now I’m the old man, and he was absolutely right, except I would add inclusivism,

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