Lone Wolfs Could Increase

Today Canada not only faced a terror attack, but it faced one that could have been prevented had our legal system provided more leeway for action to be taken by our intelligence and police communities.

As reported by global news in early 2015, the threat of radicalization became an increasing issue in Edmonton’s Somali community, and RCMP counterterrorism investigators received a tip about a man in his late 20s who had been “espousing extremist ideology,” and launched an investigation that included interviews with the man and others – but which was ultimately closed without further action.

This man was the 30-year-old Somali Refugee Abdulahi Hasan Sharif who has now been charged with terrorism among a slew of other charges.

Mr. Sharif used a U-haul to ram into a police officer and many pedestrians, injuring multiple individuals, but thankfully not killing anyone.

Mr. Sharif also represents a more frightening style of attack when compared to the original attacks on Parliment last year.

As was posted on twitter the attacks represent a shift to European Style attacks, which also include more direct ISIS coordination.

Need for Action

This increased coordination combined with sky-high levels of refugees within Canada create an environment where other lone-wolf attacks could occur.

This new environment for terror demands a similar response from our intelligence community, and I truly hope that the government responds accordingly and swiftly.


  1. These attacks will continue which is obvious to me. Milquetoast , vanilla gov. leaders and policies, political correctness and open borders and poor vetting is the reason. Soon, old stock Canadians will be outnumbered by migrants. Most of this turmoil is fuelled by left wing anarchists and the subversive sewardship of Obama and now his hero worshipping bromance buddy , Our Crime Ministre.


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