Canada Needs a Common Sense Revolution

It feels like the actions of the Canadian government make less sense each day. First, it was the $10.5 million government payout to Omar Khadr, a man convicted by the American government of the murder of American Sgt. Christopher Speer and of other charges related to terrorist activity… on the grounds of “human rights.”

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It feels like the actions of the Canadian government make less sense each day.

Almost like the government is re-arranging deck chairs while they are aboard a sinking Titanic. 

First, it was the $10.5 million government payout to Omar Khadr, a man convicted by the American government of the murder of American Sgt. Christopher Speer and of other charges related to terrorist activity… on the grounds of “human rights.”

Then came the cycle of broken promises, poorly designed taxes, hefty regulations, and stalled pipelines which have managed to both hurt our long-term growth and stifle Canada competitiveness relative to our southern neighbour.

Even worse, liberal policies have literally placed our businesses as the last priority. According to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF), “Ottawa is holding Canadian oil to a higher standard than foreign oil that is imported to Canada.”

Now, while our economy continues to be a second priority to virtue signalling, our veterans and soldiers face heaps of Liberal mismanagement and disrespect.

First, being taken to court and being told they “ask for too much.” Then continuing to maintain wildly inadequate spending levels, placing our armed forces in direct risk when deployed.

We now have a crumbling navy; our airforce consists of ageing jets which are being replaced by slightly less ageing Australian jets, making it seem like to me at least, that the Federal government believes that asking for anything might be “too much.”

There are even attacks on the bedrock of our society, the family unit.

For example, Service Canada the government’s “service transformation initiative aimed at responding to Canadians’ expressed desire for better, more responsive, less cluttered service”, recently imposed, and then walked back on a ban on gender-specific terms like ‘father’ or ‘mother’, ‘Mr.’ or ‘Mrs.’ from all telephone communications.

All for what?

The Liberals “promise” that their government would actually be led by data and facts.

Instead, it seems like those promises are nothing than a mirage.

In the place of those promises, we have a government that destroys our long-term economic prospects while regulating culture and language in order to retain power within a continuously shrinking base.

None of this makes sense, and none of this is needed. Canada is a country with capable people and vast resources.

The government has completely lost focus of the fact that its purpose is to provide a path to prosperity for its citizens.

Instead, it spends mass amounts on foreign causes or celerity issues with no regard to efficiency or cost.

The recent budget is a perfect example of this. When our American neighbour cut taxes and gut Canadian companies, our government responded by providing a benefit for female CEO’s.

Men will be replaced with female leaders.

This is the government’s decision to deal with rising competition to American tariffs and low wage American labour. However, no matter who leads, they will still face the same terribly unjust, competitive markets, which the government continues to ignore.

There are many more illogical moments.

Canada spends billions attempting to reconcile with native communities but then refuse to discuss the need to ensure accountability or safety for native whistleblowers.

They tell their own party that no MP can hold views in opposition to abortion, then move forward with massive arms deals with nations like Saudi Arabia, and maintain open lines of communication with nations like Iran.

The list of irrationality continues to go on, but I believe their track record now speaks for itself.

This government portrays itself as a moral warrior when the camera is on, but can’t stand on its own two feet when confronted with real issues.  They have forgotten the majority of citizens of this country. 

In the most straightforward sense, they lack authenticity, consistency, or any grasp of common sense governing.

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  1. I like you! Share your articles as much as I can in the hopes I dont get another group ban ..
    Keep on “Truthin’ and Ill keep on sharin’
    As for this piece of shhhh work, theres is nothing i can say good …so ill say nothing
    With respect and appreciation from Montreal

  2. The Liberal Government is inept in all it decisions with Trudeau at its lead. His inexperience and carrying on are those of a spoiled brat who has had his own way since birth. His level of intelligence is that of a high school drop out with his lack of ability to carry on a sensible conversation. The only true ability he has, is to skirt around with a song and dance to any questions presented to him and totally avoid an answer and to continually blame others, particularly the “previous government”, as he become famous for doing. Toeing the party line is a threat to democracy and a step in the direction of a total dictatorship, something I am sure Trudeau is hell bent on achieving. His constant lies are what he uses to fail in achieving and implementing what he was elected to do. He is nothing less then a Snake Oil salesman disguised in a fancy suit and a smile.

    1. Well, I have to admit, no beating around the bush here. Good for you. I tend to agree. I just don’t have the guts to say it the way you did.

  3. I agree totally. When the decision was made to give tax free money to people with kids – even those who make $150,000 a year – that infuriated me. It is so unfair. Trudeau is spending massive amounts of money on stuff that does absolutely nothing for the economy. I can barely stand to read the news anymore. I will definitely not vote Liberal in the next election. I wish Western Canada would separate.

    1. Well let’s have some faith and hope. Ontario is about to reject the Liberal in June and that will be a glimmer of hope for Alberta.

      I love Canada and make my blood boil that the west is being treated with contempt by this PM.

  4. We had Mr Harper who was a moral, decent, honest, admirable, respectful and respected, fair, logical, intelligent, caring man who gave so much to this country and Canadians and many shamefully turned their backs on him and voted him out. So now the sheep have chosen this idiot Trudeau who, like his father, will roll back many positive achievements and damage this country for decades to come. Bravo, a fine mess you’ve got us into. Think past your silly social ideology next time and vote for the qualified, deserving grownup in the bunch.

  5. i agree with you 100 % this goverment is dragging canada down so much i dont know how it is going to survive the next year of thet idiot trudeau and his dam liberals they obviously dont care about canada or the canadain people

  6. All Commomwealth governments, no matter what side of the aisle, pledge an oath to the “Queen of England”, not the “People” of the country, over whom they dictate. They don’t care a twit about us!! Lock them all up!!

  7. Yes and the list goes on. I don’t think Harper was supposed to win. I honestly can see that the UN is meddling on our affairs. They have their branches here like Sustainable cities and force city planning. Their core values are not the same as ours. Harper as a ‘conservative’, would not have been able to successfully sell the UNs core values to us. The needed a ‘Socialist’ for that job. Harpers last campaign was ridiculously sad and clearly lacked effort. Trudeau has since pushed their efforts and their meddling in every corner of the world is causing nothing but chaos! Removing the UN from our countrys fabric is what is required to regain balance. Not just here, but everywhere!

  8. what i do not understand is why people are talking about it right across canada & no one is doing anything, get out to ottawa in the millions & get this person removed from office, cannot not understand why this is not treason ?

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