Canada is facing a serious opioid crisis

4000 Canadians could die, and babies in Toronto are being born with opioid withdrawal. This is a problem.

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A new report released by Angus Reid has found that Canada may be dealing with an extremely serious opioid crisis and that many Canadians are being prescribed opioid-based drugs.

The report found that “One-in-eight (12%) – the equivalent of nearly 3.5 million Canadian adults – say they have close friends or family members who have become dependent on opioids in the last five years.”

This is a worrying amount as the poll further found that one-in-five Canadian adults (19%) say they have personally been prescribed opioids in the last five years.

Lack of government action

Both Canada’s federal and provincial governments have developed strategies for responding to the opioid epidemic but for the most part, critics have described the federal response so far as poor.

In fact, the report found that relatively few Canadians see the federal government responding “appropriately” to the issue. Fewer than one-in-four (23%) say this, while nearly four-in-ten (38%) say “too few” federal resources have been allocated to the epidemic.

Change Needed

The federal government must change its tone and begin to act on this crises or else risk losing a generation of Canadians to drug addiction.

Jordan Westfall, the president of the Canadian Association of People Who Use Drugs, said in a Globe and Mail article that he believes most Canadians think addiction is an issue that only affects other people.

“I think that it does show that awareness of the epidemic itself is very high, but I think that those results also show that there is still that sense of ‘othering,’ that ‘no one in my family’ is using opioids,” he said.

In reality, a large number of Canadians are experiencing the social and personal fall out associated with opioids.

We could see opioids kill over 4000 people in Canada this year alone. We are now actively discussing on mainstream media the benefits of keeping babies with opioid withdrawal with their mothers. 

This real crisis requires an immediate response from all levels of government. 


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  1. The globalists run the global opioid trafficking system and our PM is onboard with them so of course Opioids are here and they are using the illegals and open borders to get it in as well visas needed for Mexicans coming in to Canada.

  2. Ok, so lets think about this for a moment. Opioids have been in use for a very long time but it is only in the past few years that they have become a media hot topic or concern for anyone. For years doctors handed opioids out like candy to the point that every one with any kind of pain related issue came to expect to just be handed an opioid pain killer whenever pain was part of their problem, then out of the blue opioids became the problem and restricting them became the solution. There are 2 problems with this. First for those who really need pain killers, they are being forced to take toxic levels of non-opioid pain killers to get the same level of relief and second, as usual the system is addressing the symptom and ignoring the real problem. When life has become so pointless, when some groups like say, white men for example, are ostracized and marginalized to the point their lives have no value or meaning any longer… well, taking a handful of opioids is a lot easier than putting a gun in your mouth. If they really want to solve the opioid crisis they might want to start giving people a reasons to keep living and stop devaluing peoples lives and making people feel helpless and useless or guilty for things they have not done or for which they have no control.

Yanky Pollak

Yanky Pollak is a young energetic activist, with a strong voice for the community. He has been involved in multiple political campaigns and has worked very closely with many political figures. He works as a freelance photographer.

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