The Broek Edition: Dumb Stuff Trudeau Says

The first episode of the Broek edition discusses just some of the dumb things Trudeau has said.

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The Broek Edition is a weekly show by William Broek.

#Metoo, Peoplekind, the Hijabhoax, and comparing Italians to refugees are all discussed in this episode.

Let us know what you think below!

*Note this video was shot before advancements where made in the Patrick Brown case. Since then a lot has developed in the case which you can read here. 


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  1. Good job , young man . One suggestion, write your script beforehand and read it from a cue screen on your computer . That will make you look more researched and give a much smoother deliverance . Good to see you interested in issues the affect Canadians . Could you find some time to support Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson in her fight against SOGI 1-2-3

  2. Good to see a young person having the balls to take a position against the politically correct mainstream.
    More like him are needed.

William Broek

Will is a university student, powerlifter, and Conservative commentator. He strives to produce content that engages readers.
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