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CPC Candidate Shanna Schulhauser on the Future of Conservatism

Tired of the LPC? I Sure Am.

The latest polls point towards a probable LPC victory come next federal election, yet the opposite may indeed come to fruition, which I say with the utmost uncertainty.

While it may be fair to suggest we are a nation that is tired of the current administration’s lack of substance on policy, there are those who—despite what their opponents may say—take Trudeau’s gospel as the absolute truth.

Herein lies the crux of the issues that remain harmful to our nation—we revert to baseless tribalism in the face of open communication between parties, and as such, we as millennials, become susceptible to the cult of personality that is Justin Trudeau. A fun and photogenic leader who resonates with the misplaced ideals of today’s youth, who would rather be told what they want to hear and not what they need to.

Claiming to be for free speech, yet labelling those who question his views as racist without any serious thought, or claiming to be a proponent of our beloved constitution, yet infringing upon our freedom for religion vis-à-vis the summer grants debacle is not the way to go.

Unfortunately, that is the future of mainstream liberalism—a far cry from the liberalism of ten-years ago. This is neither the Canada I have come to love nor is it the Canada I want to leave behind for my next of kin.

Enter, the Conservative Party of Canada.

While I admit the CPC is flawed on their stance on supply management and their faltering support for grassroots politics, at least their base can acknowledge said faults and be open to change in the name of ‘big blue tent’ politics, whereas the other mainstream parties have been incapable of doing such on a grand scale.

Yes, we too have a ways to go before we are indeed a party that can win over the hearts and minds of fellow right-wingers, moderates, and undecided voters. That’s a given; however, at the end of the day, the CPC remains the superior alternative to that of the LPC and the NDP. There is no real debate over that.

While racial, religious, sexual and gender diversity are vital to a certain degree—depending whom you ask—none, however, should surpass the importance of diversity of thought, which has unfortunately been the case under Trudeau and his ‘diversity is our strength’ crowd.

The Immediate Future of the CPC: Bright or Bleak?

Following a turbulent first day at the annual CPC convention, the resignation of Bernier put the future of Canada’s political right in a bit of a pickle, jeopardizing its chances at usurping the LPC as a united front come October 2019.

However, despite all the uncertainty facing the CPC in its immediate future, it doesn’t look all that bad, surprisingly.

Though I wouldn’t say I like the CPC’s chances to form government come 2019, I can at least hold onto hope, that while the immediate future will be met with immense struggle, the party will be all the better for it. The apparent growing pains the CPC will have to go through is a reality we must come to terms with, whether we like it or not.

The future of the party is one that should prioritize the virtue of free speech and one that puts the free market first and foremost. We need the party to espouse more classical liberal values while remaining tolerant of those who identify as anything else but that.

Moreover, as such, this will be not possible without the right personnel dedicated to holding its colleagues to account by their devotion to conservative principles, and in maintaining its image as members of the ‘big blue tent’ party. One such member is the lovely Shanna Schulhauser, an MP nominee from the riding of Wascana-Regina, who is vying to upset the incumbent—LPC MP Ralph Goodale—in hopes of adding a fresh face to a room that is in dire need of some youthful reinvigoration.

On issues ranging from the carbon tax to cabinet quotas and Trudeau’s selective upholding of the Constitution, Shanna provided us with her take on these issues and more, starting with that of the controversial carbon tax.

The Regressive Carbon Tax

Since Shanna became a member of the CPC back in 2014, she has made it her priority to ensure the needs of the individuals and families within her community come first and foremost, which includes but is not limited to putting more money back into the pockets of hardworking taxpayers.

In her opinion, this starts with introducing a motion to repeal the job-killing carbon tax in its entirety.

As Shanna mentioned in our interview, the carbon tax “really stuck under [her] claw…for the last thing people need is another tax.” Following up with this, she denoted it was nothing more than a “regressive tax” that was the product of a failed policy which Ross McKitrick, an economics professor at the University of Guelph, finds “dismaying how many commentators who should know better think that the shiny paint of carbon taxes somehow fixes the underlying policy defects.”

Through the words of Alberta’s very own Sarah Hoffman, the province’s most recent economic recession was viewed as an “opportunity” to impose a tax on Albertans—a move that was never mentioned throughout the entirety of the NDP’s campaign in 2015—which, in part, facilitated her plummeting approval rating from May 2015 to February 2016.

To make matters worse, all those who questioned the validity of said carbon tax were merely denoted as climate change deniers who cared not for the environment, who cared not for funding essential services, and thus, cared not for the hardworking taxpayers of this province.

Evidence of the latter is illustrated in the faltering support for Alberta’s NDP, going from 40.6% of the voters following the 2015 election to 19.3% as of late-2017. Not a good sign for those who remain loyal to the party.

The point is, as Shanna says, we want to put “people before the government” and elect those who seek to uphold a respectable degree of fiscal responsibility and openness when it comes to policy—a degree of transparency that Hoffman seemingly lacks.

Moreover, having the desire to hold the people we elect accountable for their actions, does not make us immoral just because we are opposed to their political leanings. Instead, it reflects our desire, as Canadians, to safeguard the democratic process in its entirety which we wish never to see undermined. Anyone who questions that is fooling themselves.

Politicians like Shanna are vital to the maintenance of our democracy, and the future of the CPC since they genuinely care about the needs of the people, as seen by her desire to give them increased spending power over their hard-earned paycheques.

Thus, by refusing to cut back on unnecessary taxation, which leaves Canadians vulnerable to the costly mistakes of their democratically elected leaders, we illustrate a level of complacency that is neither acceptable from the voters, nor those who seek office.

We must always strive to do better in the face of mediocrity, and we must always attempt to do what’s right by our principles.

Gender Quotas: Progressive or Regressive?

As it pertains to the imposition of gender and racial quotas in Canada’s highest office, I am, above all, indifferent to it. Merit, character, and vision are what candidates for one’s cabinet should be critiqued on. Superficial characteristics like gender and race matter not in the grand scheme of things.

That being said, Shanna believes it is “important for women to pave the road forward,” referring to her desire to make government more representative, but here is the kicker. Unlike the LPC and NDP, Shanna understands how vital it is to elect those best suited to govern our nation as effectively as possible, irrespective of race or gender. Hence, meritocracy is the only way forward, as we “take the plunge forward” together.

As a proud member of Equal Voice, a “national, bilingual multi-partisan organization dedicated to electing more women to all levels of political office in Canada,” she, like myself, believe women—like men—should only be endorsed if and only if they are deserving of it.

Individuals like Shanna Schulhauser are the face of real progress—not the regressive leftism perpetuated by today’s modern liberals and radical leftists.

She is the face of true feminism—not the regressive third wave that has made a mockery of the movement’s initial allure.

The Selective Upholding of our Constitution—the Cult of Trudeau

Unlike that of the other federal mainstream parties, members of the CPC are “not dictated on [their] views,” in the sense that different values on specific issues—particularly on social issues—do not restrict us from being part of the ‘big blue tent’ party. Case in point, what Trudeau did to fellow LPC MP Scott Simms, who voted against party lines on the issue of giving grant money to religious institutions, is not something we stand for. We do not stand for restricting the rights guaranteed to our citizens in service of the politics of the time. That is not real leadership—that is an ever so dangerous cult of personality taking shape, with Trudeau pulling its strings as the puppeteer.

While some disgruntled voters will point at the CPC’s handling of Maxime Bernier as a case of unwavering hypocrisy, and to that, I would say yes. Yes, in part defence of what transpired, however, Bernier’s ego and inability to communicate with others within the party was his pitfall. He created a massive dumpster fire and left his colleagues to deal with the aftermath—a quality that is not encompassing of one whom I could ever rally behind in good faith.

Again, while I do not pretend to push a false narrative that the CPC is this seemingly flawless beacon of hope, I am, however, suggesting it is a beacon of hope worth believing in and worth saving.

With micro-totalitarianism on the rise amongst Canada’s political Left, it is essential, now more than ever, that we stand united and defend our charter rights. As Shanna puts it, we must always ensure the “[protection of] personal freedoms and liberties,” especially in the face of an administration who dictates its policies by ego and by one’s feelings, rather than by facts and reality.

From the Trans Mountain fiasco to Trudeau’s faux-support for free speech, it has become apparent that Canada has been led astray by the LPC, whom pride in their ability to stylize mediocrity at our expense. Shanna agrees with that assessment, now the question that remains to be asked is: do you?

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Alexander Singh Dhaliwal

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