Breaking: Terror attack today in London

Another attack on London, United Kingdom.

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These animals are crazy and must be dealt with through toughness and strength!”, said President Trump, in response to another terrorist attack in London today at approximately 7:30 AM local time.  A suspect is under arrest for suspicion of terrorism-related charges after ploughing his silver Ford Fiesta into a barrier at London Parliament, in Westminster hitting several bikers and pedestrians.

Pictures and video evidence portray victims laying on the ground and strewn out bikes.  According to witnesses, the act seemed wholly deliberate, and aerial video footage shows the man driving along Parliament Square and then swerving in at speeds of 40 to 50 miles per hour, crashing into the victims, then speeding into the barriers.  

One witness recounts, that they did not know whether the man hit the pedestrians on purpose. However, once the suspect did so, he accelerated even faster into the security barriers.

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The new Scotland Yard Assistant Commissioner of Counter-Terrorism Police claims that the man is unknown to counter-terrorist police in England and MI5, and although he is in custody at the South London police station, he is unwilling to cooperate with authorities.  

The American Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Woody Johnson, has expressed concerns for the victims through Twitter, praying for their wellbeing, as well as lauding the conduct of local authorities, ambulance drivers, and hospital workers.  

Nickie Aiken, the Westminster City council leader, demonstrated appreciation for the emergency workers and the authorities as well. But in a typical Sadiq Khan-esque fashion, he mentions that even after a terror attack targeting Parliament last year, “our democracy, and our way of life, will continue to defy those who try to undermine it”.

While a democratic and first world standard of living should be a given in the United Kingdom, terror attacks are trending at an alarming rate.  The Telegraph reports that 13 Islamic-related terror attacks have been thwarted in the last year since March 2017, the last Parliament attack.

An outrageously high number of 5 attacks occurred last year in the UK but only now are government authorities and MI5 strengthening intervention laws.  The Telegraph also documents that, at any given time, authorities are handling 500 live-cases with over 3,000 subjects. This number is nothing compared to the suspect pool of over 20,000 people under watch.

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