BREAKING NEWS:Patrick Brown entering Ontario PC leadership race

Patrick Brown is entering the Ontario PC party leadership race on Friday afternoon.


Patrick Brown is entering the Ontario PC party leadership race on Friday afternoon.

patrick brown

In recent days, the Barrie region MPP and former party leader committed to taking CTV to court and passed a lie detector test.

Although on the same morning, interim leader Vic Fedeli removed Brown from the PC caucus, where he had remained as an MPP following his resignation as leader.

Important Note: Some local supporters and grassroots leaders had held out from supporting any of the current candidates. Those same leaders could come out and support a Brown Candidacy.

CTV Note:  The CTV has stated that it continues to support its reporting and sources behind the Brown story.



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  1. Of course it’s a hatchet job. This bullshit of waiting ten or more years to come forward has to stop. Come forward when it happens or forever shut your mouth. I really hope Patrick Brown wins the nomination because he is not guilty of any wrong doing and has built the P.C. party to respectability. I only pray that he finds out who the rats are.

  2. Division now is not good. I hope he can clear his name. I think what happened was completely unfair. But integrity puts the needs of the province ahead of self. The party needs to defeat Wynne and the Liberal legacy of waste and corruption. If the party is divided, it helps Wynne. One party. No division. The PCs should stand behind him clearing his name. He should stand behind one of the candidates as Best able to win the election.

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