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Conservative Party director ousted after Scheer private school scandal
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Conservative Party director ousted after Scheer private school scandal 

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The Executive Director of the Conservative Party of Canada, Dustin Van Vugt, has been removed from his position according to two sources within the party that spoke to The Post Millennial after allegations were brought forward this week that Andrew Scheer had used party funds to subsidize the cost of private school for his children.

Van Vugt as executive director publically commented after the release of the allegations that he had personally made the offer to cover costs of moving, including differential pricing in schooling.

While some in the party argued that the fees were not important, The Post Millennial reported that private school perks were an internal matter forcing Scheer’s resignation before media leak.

Global News soon after reported that former Prime Minister Stephen Harper was in fact “very angry” about Scheer’s use of party funds for children’s private schooling.

This is a breaking news story and will be updated.

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