An off-duty police officer shot a man to death because she thought he was a dangerous man in her home. Only he wasn’t dangerous, he was watching TV and eating ice cream, and he wasn’t in her home, he was in his own. In Dallas, Texas, September 2018, Officer Amber Guyger went into the wrong apartment, believing it was hers, and shot Botham Jean, who should have had the expectation of safety in his own home. 

Guyger’s attorneys offered a defence, but truly the idea that a person could ignore all visible clues that they are in the wrong apartment, pull her gun, and shoot a man to death after taking less than 60 seconds to assess the situation, is indefensible. That she only got a ten-year sentence on a guilty verdict is hard to comprehend. To put it bluntly, it’s not enough. Yet the victim’s brother, Brandt Jean, is a better man than all of us. In the courtroom, after the sentencing, he forgave Guyger.