A small free speech rally in Boston, Massachusetts on Saturday was forced to disband after thousands of left-wing activists held an enormous counter-protest.

Roughly 300 free-speech activists took part in the event, while approximately over 30,000 counter-protesters took to the streets in a protest organized by groups such as Black Lives Matter and Boston’s ANSWER Coalition. Counter-Protestors cited the recent Charlottesville protests as their motivators behind showing on mass.

The rally was organized by a group known as the Boston Free Speech Coalition and invited

“libertarians, conservatives, traditionalists, classical liberals, Trump supporters or anyone else who enjoys their right to free speech.”

Poorly Placed Targets

As anger from Charlottesville raged through the air counter-protesters began to chant songs directly comparing the free speech protesters to Nazi’s and White supremacists, even though the rally had no connection to Charlottesville.
The event closed with roughly 27 arrests and over 40,000 in attendance.

The protests maintained the now famous Anti-Fa violence.


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