The media narrative around the Danforth shooter took another big hit after the search warrant for Faisal Hussain’s room was unsealed

It turns out that the police uncovered a cache of automatic weapons ammunition and two fully loaded AK-47 clips.

Remember when we were all supposed to believe that this was just a random outburst from a depressed loner?

That’s what the “family” statement told us. And when we found out that this highly contrived statement of legal speak was in fact not the product of two immigrants with poor English skills, but instead Muhammed Hashim? Hashim is a professional activist who has reportedly committed himself to “framing a new narrative of Muslims in Canada” and creating a “national political movement.”  Apparently the media expected us to believe that he was just a family friend.

More questions arise when we learned that court documents revealed the discovery of two seperate cash receipts. — $1,000 and $8,300 — for “Mosque fund, membership fee, transfer, pillars and forms fees” to the Abad Co-operative Housing Society in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. These surely could have been innocent charitable donations, but under the circumstances, it’s right to be scrutinous.

This is were the deception should have ended but not in the case of Canada’s mainstream media.

What an interesting family to be friends with…  Faisal was supposedly a “depressed loner in psychosis”, his sister passed away, maybe Hashim was friends with Faisal’s twin, but his older brother is a very interesting character.

Fahad Hussain is currently in a coma, but how he got there should alarm all Canadians.  Fahad was arrested in 2015 for cocaine charges and in 2017 for breaching bail conditions. 

When he was bailed out again by a man named Maisum Ansari, a supposedly trust worthy figure, it was stipulated that Fahad would have to live with him based on court conditions

While living with Ansari, Fahad was hospitalized with a drug overdose.  How did it happen, you might ask?

Later in the year police got a warrant to raid Ansari’s house where they found 33 guns and 42 kilograms of carfentanil!

We have a massive opioid overdose crisis and most of it is caused by fentanyl.  One grain of fentanyl (not gram, grain) gets you high, two grains gets you the high of your life, three grains kills you.  Now, carfentanyl is over 100 times stronger then regular fentanyl which is why it is considered a chemical weapon in many countries like the US, China and Russia.  42 kilograms is more than enough to kill everyone in Canada ten times over.

Now, am I saying that Muhammed Hashim is friends with gangsters/terrorists?  No, it is far more likely that he was just impulsively lying to cover up the motivations for an Islamic terrorist attack.

So, the next ridiculous lie that you will be forced to believe will follow this logic.  Faisal Hussain was a lone wolf with no motive whatsoever.  He also suffered from depression and psychosis.  His parents, who knew their son was suffering from severe mental illness never once saw the inside of his room in the apartment they all lived in.  Or if they did see inside, they saw nothing strange in the giant pile of ammo and two loaded AK 47 clips. 

Also, as the media will remind you please remember the real victims here.  No, not the people shot but the Hussain family.

To sum it all up.  Faisal Hussain opened fire with the accuracy of a man who has trained to do so, as he was firing and reloading competently on the move. He had a weapons cache in his room.  His brother was living in a place with more weapons and enough chemical weapons to kill everyone in Canada multiple times.

The evidence is in, Toronto suffered a terrorist attack.  Lying about it will only make things worse.  We don’t need torches and pitchforks, and we should not “go after” anyone.  All we need is the media and political establishment to say “mea culpa” and to start calling a spade a spade.