Border Protest: Antifa Retreats, Protesters Advance

A dozen hooded Antifa protesters were chanting "No pasarán!" as they blocked the road at the US border

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Faith Goldy, who was supposed to speak at Wilfrid Laurier University but was interrupted by a fire alarm, speaks outside the university on Tuesday, March 20, 2018. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Hannah Yoon)

This article has been translated from French by Mika Ryu. The original can be found here.

A line of police stood in front of Antifa’s black banners, displaying misspelt messages against patriarchy, racism, and hate. Protected by police, the Antifa protesters had blocked the road for the time being.

The Roxham Road protests had just begun. Barely two weeks after Faith Goldy was attacked by Antifa in clear view of police, Canadians of all origins rallied to demand the enforcement of Canadian immigration laws.

Those who gathered were encouraged to do so by a YouTube message from Faith Goldy. She organized and attended the protest.

Twenty minutes after the police arrived, a large group of people came carrying Quebec flags to join those who had already gathered there. Antifa retreated, shouting “Fuck you, patriots!”

Slogans like “Respect our borders!“, “Trudeau in prison!“, and “We’re at home!” could be heard in a Facebook Live video by activist Jon Hex. The atmosphere was festive, and the crowd even sang “Gens du pays” by Gilles Vigneault.

Local residents watched from the roadside. One local said, “We do not really agree with the world [of migrants] is coming through, so if there is anything that can stop that, we will agree with it.

One protester claimed that solving the border crisis would be simple: “the politicians in power can just make the decision”.

As the waves of blue Quebec flags moved forward, The Post Millennial could see that they were joined by red Ontario and Mohawk flags brought by supporters.

Faith Goldy spoke, thanking the participants and thanking Quebec for being the centre of modern Canadian patriotism. “Merci Quebec! Quebec is the home of nationalism in this country right now. God bless each and every one of you for being here”.

She also spoke about “fake news” surrounding the border crisis, the role of mainstream media, and the responsibilities of Justin Trudeau. Goldy said that Canada was founded in Quebec, and so she would never accept Canada dying in Quebec.

With a “Vive le Quebec!”, her vow to “stand on guard” for Quebec and the rest of Canada was well received and warmly applauded.

Finally, she asked the demonstrators to be respectful of the Antifa protesters, so as to not stoop to their level. “Please be respectful towards the opposition, remember we are the classy ones,” she told her supporters despite what happened to her at the hands of Antifa protesters two weeks ago.


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