Billionaire Bill Pulte announced on Tuesday that he would be giving away $103.000 in charity via Twitter. He calls it #TwitterPhilanthropy

Pulte currently heads PulteGroup, one of the largest home construction and real estate development companies in the United States, according to

He says this new form of philanthropy is his way of giving back to the community. He believes that since “the future is the internet,” he would like to start by giving by through this medium.

Pulte asks Twitter users to post a video to his Twitter page asking for money or showing oneself doing an act of generosity. He would then give out $3,000 per week.

He is also asking famous personalities to retweet him and he would then donate some of his money to American veterans.

So far, US President Donald Trump and the controversial activist Candace Owens have retweeted his efforts.

His efforts are being widely noticed and his movement seems to be picking up steam.