Mississauga’s mayor, Bonnie Crombie, has announced that tennis champion and Mississauga-native Bianca Andreescu will be given the key to the city following her outstanding victory over Serena Williams at the U.S. Open.

Andreescu has been celebrated on Twitter, being referred to with the hashtag #ShetheNorth. The mayor of the city has been just as ecstatic, fully prepared to join in on the hype and commend the local champion.

In honour of Andreescu’s victory, Mississauga lit the clock tower gold on Sunday.

“She’s put Canada back on the international tennis map …and (I’m proud) that a Canadian girl could come so far so fast in her tennis career,” she said. “It demonstrates an enormous competency in the sport but also a compassion and humility beyond her years.”

In addition to Andreescu’s spirit, the mayor also commended her character and sportsmanly manner when winning, making a good impression on the world for herself and the nation by extension.

“She went and embraced Serena in a way that I thought showed great maturity and great compassion,” the mayor said.

According to the Toronto Sun, Crombie first met Andreescu in June while the latter was training for the competition at the Ontario Racquets Club, at the Rogers Cup in Toronto.

“I was very impressed with how composed she was and very focused,” Crombie added. “When you watch her play, you can see what a fierce competitive individual she is, which also makes me very proud.”

“She’s such a fierce, fearless, bold competitor,” said Crombie. “She’s a Mississauga native, but she’s Canada’s champion.”

Crombie was so emboldened by the win that she says she’s been inspired to pick up tennis again, having stopped at the age of 19, after 19-year-old Andreescu shook the tennis world with her victory.

“When I saw that [Andreescu] was playing, and she was winning, I was like maybe I should get back into it,” she said.