Bernier Never Said “Destroy the Sign”

Bernier is being unfairly blamed for the unfortunate incident at Jinnah Park

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The outrage with nationally renowned Member of Canadian Parliament, Maxime Bernier continues, and it just keeps getting worse.

As per The Post Millennial, a couple of months ago, Bernier was shunned by the Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer for his vocal opinion on the supply management controversy.  Last week, we showed you a series of tweets that landed the Parliamentarian in some serious hot water with Scheer and the broader Canadian public yet again, as he expressed his concern for mass immigration and extreme multiculturalism.

The Current Situation

Over the last few days, there have been shocking reports of a newly named Winnipeg park being vandalized after Bernier tweeted about it.  As you can see in the content below, Bernier was evidently perplexed by Jinnah Park being named after Pakistan’s founder, particularly, since Pakistan’s founding led to approximately one million Indian deaths.

Because of the fact that the sign incident happened just days after Bernier communicated about the name of it, one Pakistani group are now blaming him for what happened.

Jinnah Park and John A. Macdonald Conflict for Canadians

Why are we blaming Bernier for the vandalization of Jinnah Park’s sign, but we are not rallying together against Mayor Lisa Helps in condemnation for the controversies relating to both Victoria and Montreal’s John A. Macdonald statue?  Bernier never said “destroy the sign”, that is simply asinine.

Helps outwardly advocated that Macdonald was a polarizing figure and advocated for the historical figure’s removal after truthfully claiming that Macdonald was instrumental in the foundation of residential schools to evangelize Canadian First Nation members.  

Where was the public outrage against her?  Where was the Liberal Party Leader, Justin Trudeau, to denounce taking down the Canadian historical forefather’s statue from city hall in Victoria or from being vandalized in the downtown area of Montreal?

This kind of hypocrisy can only come from, and exist in, the left.

One of Winnipeg’s Pakistani community members. Masroor Khan, who campaigned for the park’s name felt as though he had been personally targeted by the attack.  Khan insists that he is calm as he realizes that this type of behaviour only emanates from a very small percentage of the greater Canadian population.

The truth is, many Canadians actually do not agree with the removal of Macdonald’s statue in Victoria.  According to a poll by the Vancouver Sun, a news sourced which Media Bias Fact Check declares as a left of centre platform, over 80% of the nearly 8,000 people taking the poll responded that they do not, in fact, support the removal of the statue.


In brief, Canadians need to be fair in their criticisms of their politicians.  If they are going to aggressively criticize Bernier for the vandalization of the park sign, then Canadians need to co-operate to hold Helps accountable for her complicity in the removal of the Macdonald statue in Victoria and the vandalizing of the Montreal statue.

More on this story at The Post Millennial.  Questions or concerns? E-mail us at [email protected].


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