Bernier calls out Trudeau for “totally bungled” trade relations with the US

Bernier went on to say “everything the Liberals are doing is pushing us in the wrong direction.”

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Minister of State for Small Business and Tourism Maxime Bernier stands in the House of Commons during question period on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Friday, January 30, 2015. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Fred Chartrand

Maxime Bernier took his fury out on Trudeau for the horrible trade relations he has created with one of our strongest allies earlier this week taking onto his website to say  “everything the Liberals are doing is pushing us in the wrong direction.”

Bernier held nothing back in this post “But, instead of thinking strategically, Trudeau and his minister Chrystia Freeland stupidly opened negotiations with new demands related to gender and aboriginal issues, labour rights and climate change.”

It’s always important to remember who you’re dealing with.

Obviously, our leaders don’t understand Donald Trump whatsoever as we see this come across in our trade relationship with the US. Trump has little care for these social issues introduced by Trudeau and will never give in to the all too common virtue signalling of the Liberal government.

“The purpose of free trade is not to enshrine social programs and to virtue signal how “progressive” you are. It’s to remove trade barriers and allow businesses and consumers to exchange goods and services freely!” Bernie goes on to say.

Bernier clearly sees the flaws in the Trudeau strategy that has zero positive effect on the stone cold Donald. This is why Bernier is releasing a “Conservative Retaliation Plan.” Detailed below.

  • We should make the strategic choices necessary to get an agreement with the Americans instead of virtue signalling and playing a phoney patriotism card.
  • We should remove our own trade barriers between provinces.
  • We should reduce taxes for all businesses and restore our tax competitiveness with the US.
  • We should scrap our carbon tax.
  • We should get rid of our mountains of growth-killing regulations instead of constantly adding to them.
  • We should eliminate corporate welfare.
  • We should reform equalization.

If there’s one thing the Liberals don’t realize it’s that you CANNOT fight fire with fire against the Trump administration because you will be incinerated.

Canada does not have the ability to win this trade war with the US, and adding is virtue signalling policies to trade negotiations will only push us in the wrong direction.

With Bernier being pushed further and further away from the inner circle of the Conservative party we’ll see if his ideas are shared mutually or he continues his independent crusade.


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  1. Always liked Bernier, he should have been the Conservative leader. He tells it like it is, not like other politicians who each try to out do each other on who can be more virtuous. Even Ford jumping behind Trudud on the steel tariffs is a joke, nothing to do with Canadian made steel, all about China dumping steel thru Canada that then goes thru minor processing and then goes to the US, do something about the China crap coming into Canada and the tariffs go away.

Samuel Blackett

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