US Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders will be travelling to Canada and he will be bringing with him a group of diabetics.

Once in Ontario the Vermont senator plans on purchasing insulin with several Type 1 diabetics. Groups or “caravans” of diabetics are known for making frequent trips from the US to Canada because of the affordability of Canadian produced insulin.

“Insulin costs over $300 in the US. In Canada, the same exact drug costs about $30,” Sanders explained in a tweet.

Sanders is using the opportunity to praise Canada’s healthcare system. Among other presidential candidates, his desire to transition into a single-payer system has received the most attention.

Throughout his career, Sanders has criticized the size and influence of a pharmaceutical lobby that, he says, works to jack up prices in the US.

“Canada has a nationalized, single-payer system that allows them to negotiate much better prices with the drug companies,” he told CNN.

“In our country it is a much different story. The pharmaceutical companies brought in $69 billion in profit. That is insane and it is a real threat to the health of every American.”

Sanders took a similar trip in 1999 with several working class women not with diabetes, but with breast cancer, who needed cheaper drugs than they could find at home.

Analysis of US insulin prices have found substantial increases over the years. Costs between 2012 and 2016, for instance, were found to have doubled.

In Bernie’s travels for cheaper insulin, Canada will be seeing him soon in Windsor, Ontario.