Belgian deputy PM says a Trudeau meeting with royals would have been nice

Belgium's deputy prime minister, who is also foreign affairs minister, says a meeting between Trudeau and the royal couple would have been preferred.


OTTAWA — High-ranking Belgian officials are playing down a perceived snub of the Belgian king and queen by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as the royal couple spends the week on a state visit to Canada.

Belgium’s deputy prime minister, who is also foreign affairs minister, says a meeting between Trudeau and the royal couple would have been preferred.

But in an interview today, Didier Reynders says he understands that the prime minister is dealing with more pressing political concerns; namely showing support for his country’s steel and aluminum industries.

Trudeau is on a cross-country tour of steel and aluminum factories in light of potential tariffs on the metals being imposed by the U.S. government, even though Canada and Mexico were granted a temporary exemption from the tariffs last week by President Donald Trump.

A government source, who requested anonymity, says Belgian officials were told well in advance of the planned visit by King Philippe and Queen Mathilde that Trudeau would likely be unavailable to meet with them this week.

But that message was relayed before the prime minister planned his outreach tour of cities that could be impacted by tariffs.

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  1. Our PM is doing absolutely ZERO going on this Steel tour. It is ALL in Trump’s hands, if he chooses to put the tariffs on again, Trudeau can do nothing about it. What he could be doing is meeting with the Belgium King and Queen, along with the 100 + delegation they brought to Canada. The fact that many Canadian soldiers died fighting to free Belgium, and they are here is huge…….and our PM is in steel factories and too busy….roll eyes. And to add to the embarrassment, at Rideau Hall some high paid Civil Servant put the German Flag up on a tree instead of the Belgium one. It was a Belgium Journalist who pointed it out. WOW!……just wow…..

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