The BC Conservative party recently posted on their a website a condemnation of the BC Liberal party’s use of the term “illegitimate government” in reference to the NDP government of British Columbia.

In a video released on Twitter two days ago, Greg Kyllo, BC Liberal MLA for the Shuswap Riding, referred twice to the current NDP government as “illegitimate.” Rich Coleman, interim leader of the BC Liberal Party subsequently retweeted the video.

“It is one thing to be sore losers when a party loses an election to another party,” said Scott Anderson, interim leader of the BC Conservatives. “But it is quite another to take that a step further and irresponsibly imply that the resulting government is in some way unlawful or improper.”

The current BC NDP government is a lawfully elected government, formally sanctioned by the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia. That is beyond question.

“My concern is that this tactic of trying to delegitimize a duly elected political opponent is not just a vulgar attack on another political party – in this case the NDP – but an attack on our form of government,” said Anderson. “It calls into question the foundations of our very democracy by suggesting that in spite of following the letter and spirit of the law, the result is still unlawful.”


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