The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a  digital rights advocacy group, warned in a blog post on Thursday that tech companies are going down a dangerous path after three different companies revoked their services from white supremacist websites such as the daily stormer.

The group writes

Protecting free speech is not something we do because we agree with all of the speech that gets protected. We do it because we believe that no one—not the government and not private commercial enterprises—should decide who gets to speak and who doesn’t

Although a potentially controversial view it is ultimately incredibly important to discuss the repercussions to IP’s and hosting services banning political organizations. As we ban one group the argument could be made to ban another, and given that these corporations are privately owned we could quickly move into a divided internet. Where conservative content is hosted on one area, and the very liberal on another. An example of this is the move from The Rebel and other conservative programs to begin development on their own independent platforms.

Separation Distorts Truth

It is perhaps most important to note as more news sites become independent the capacity to have a common truth will also disappear, as by separating people we remove ourselves from the debate where bad ideas can be questioned and removed. In the simplest sense, we create a bubble not only around us but also those we separate ourselves from, allowing for what is truth to simply become what is accepted by each person.

What is your view? Is this is just censorship, or is this needed to protect society?



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