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Backlash Against Nora Loreto Is A Harsh Lesson For Trivializing Humboldt Tragedy

I never played hockey growing up. Hell, I couldn’t even skate. I know, it’s not exactly a very Canadian attribute, but I was an ankle-burner, full stop.

Nonetheless, hockey was still an important part of my life. I played road hockey with buddies, went to the arena sometimes to watch them play, and followed my favourite team religiously.

Hockey is Canada, and we have a portion of our identity wrapped in the cultural fabric of the sport that helps define us.

When I first heard of the Humboldt tragedy I was immediately brought back to my youth as a baseball player. We never used a bus, but we played in various tournaments around the province, traveling to different towns and cities and bonding through sport and a sense of comradery. We were a unit, a family.

Sixteen members of one family lost their lives in an instant, their souls scattered like the debris on that Saskatchewan highway, prematurely forced out of their young bodies and into the consciousness of a country. I paced my living room and tried to imagine how their friends and families must have felt. I reflected on the teammates I had as a youngster and how we battled at the diamond and bonded off the field. Then I imagined waking up in a hospital bed and being told that half of my comrades had perished.

I wept quickly and quietly for these boys I had never met, and their families. Not only was it a natural way to feel, but it felt like the patriotic thing to do.

And then the donations came pouring in.

Canadians from coast to coast to coast participated in a GoFundMe campaign for the team and the families impacted by the tragedy. At the time of this writing over 11 million dollars has been raised, an extraordinary example of outpouring from Canadians who just wanted a way to express their sympathy and help the recovery of those affected. You would be hard-pressed to find someone who did not understand the motivation of those who gave what they could; empathy, altruism, sympathy, and kindness.

Before last week, I would have found it impossible to find a Canadian capable of denouncing the intentions of the people who donated. And then, like the beginning of nearly every other discovery of heinous human behavior, I ventured off to Twitter.

That’s where this story took an unexpected turn.

Obscure writer (I can say that because I’m also an obscure writer) Nora Loreto issued the following tweet.

I communicated with Nora via Facebook after she posted one of the allegedly thousands of messages she said was inundating her inbox. Full disclosure, she and I have butt heads in the past, most notably after I was vilified by the far left for writing a piece critical of a Black Lives Matter Toronto co-founder, Yusra Khogali. Loreto was part of the mob that called me a Nazi, a white supremacist, and a racist. Loreto personally appealed to The Huffington Post, asking that they apologize to Black Lives Matter Toronto for publishing what she called “a load of tripe.” I also received death threats, but unlike Nora’s detractors, my death threats came exclusively from the left.

Nobody deserves to have their life threatened on the internet. I sent Loreto a message letting her know that she did not deserve the threats she was receiving. I have received no response. But let’s be clear, despite the overreaction from lunatics in the online world, her tweet did go well beyond the realm of bad taste and had nothing to do with addressing systemic racism. Put plainly, Loreto scrawled her go-to narrative on the toe tags of the dead, claiming to know the motivations of the Canadians who donated money to help support those who lost their kids, their brothers, their sister, and their grandkids.

Her words are not just an example of bad timing, they are a crystalized example of how unhinged and vitriolic some people have become, and how they feel licensed to showcase their hatred as they cower behind the safety of the digital space. Loreto went from arrogant tweeter to victim, all while viciously attacking civil detractors and inviting more people to pile-on. Mob justice, while often disproportionate, is nonetheless familiar to Loreto who has been on the offensive side of online pillories for years.

Then, in a surreal display of media corroboration, the CBC held a panel discussion last Saturday, presumably to discuss Loreto’s tweet and the impact it had on the families of the dead, as well as the vast majority of Canadians who found her words repugnant and bigoted. But rather than a balanced panel of pundits and journalists on both sides of the issue, the show opted to feature three guests who universally praised Loreto’s words and activism, as if there was no legit counter argument against her. They seemed unable or unwilling to separate her tweet from the backlash that followed, creating a sense that if you were against what she said you were part of an overall toxic response.

They didn’t even have the depth to engage in a discussion as to how Loreto’s tweets could have been received by the families of the victims.

And now, as we begin tailing off coverage of Humboldt, the scars stitched onto our collective memories, we are also asking ourselves ‘what’s next’? Is this the beginning of the normalization of injecting race and gender into otherwise easy-to-understand tragedies and the subsequent outpouring of grief?

Jesus, I hope not.

I’d like to issue a correction on behalf of Loreto, who seems all too comfortable doubling down on her original sentiments and embracing her victim status. It wasn’t race and gender that played a significant role in the outpouring of grief and donations, it was kindness. It was a universal, innate sense of profound sadness that we communicated in the only way we knew how, by symbolically letting them know that their fellow Canadians were now part of their extended family. We gave because we felt compelled to give.

Lastly, inspired by my own sadness, I am donating my fee for this piece to the Humboldt GoFundMe campaign. Thanks Nora, for playing a significant role.


  • I highly doubt Nora has a child...or a child that was part of any team or participated in a school trip..
    She has way too much time on her hands if she finds the support of fellow Canadians and Americans bigoted. ..could have been a dance troupe of girls and the support would have been the a parent...I always worry until my child gets to their ďestination...I had a son on a bus many years and now my daughter also travels for hockey and soon a school trip...I am ashamed of people like Nora but am so proud to see the support for the team...their family and fans...proud to be Canadian and really feel for those that lost their lives...all I hope is that this outpouring of support can somehow help the families that lost their star

  • Nora has no idea where the money will go, how it will be spent, who will benefit. She can't see past the amount or the young, white, males she targets, the dead children. And she has no idea why we are offended.

  • Like the nihilistic SJW death cult that Nora Loreto identifies with, she encapsulates everything this wrong with the Left. She is godless dementia personified.

  • Great piece James Di Fiore. As a 'left winger' on many issues, I see loose cannons like Loreto doing more damage than good, resulting in polarized opinions. Her comment was insensitive and racist.

  • Her comment is part of a natural progression that is taking place on the far left that we need to be aware of. There are a lot of people on the right and in the centre who believe that affirmative action or equity policies are an unacceptable form of 'reverse racism'. The left resisted that charge and, personally, I think with relatively decent arguments. I know I was convinced. There is something to be said for creating opportunities for aboriginal youth in universities, etc.

    Unfortunately the logic inherent in those arguments has morphed into this notion that you "can't be racist against whites" or "you can't be sexist against men". This is really just semantics but it in turn has morphed into this notion that, now unencumbered by the social restraints those labels imposed it is open season on people deemed privileged. It is ok -- even applauded and rewarded -- in the far left circles that Loreto travels in to make horrifyingly rude and prejudicial comments about white men and speak of them in the most blanket and extreme terms. Point that out and you're engaging in "white fragility", you're "centering" the concerns of privileged people and perpetuating the "marginalization" of "bodies". There is an entire lexicon and dialect built up to defend these notions.

    I don't really think a bunch of fringe leftists freaking out about white men is really a threat but it is slowly bleeding into the mainstream. It is probably something that people need to take note of and push back against.

  • As a Canadian born black person, it always saddens me to see the complete lack of empathy and compassion for anyone that’s not a “typical Canadian” which is, I guess white people. It so sad to see that people are more “upset” about being called out for their bias’ and their subconscious racism than actually think about their bias and subconscious racism and want to CHANGE. Y’all can’t even admit to yourselves althat she’s right. That is why she’s getting death threats and nasty comments thrown her way. It is percisely because she is right. Anyone who claims the amount of support didn’t have to do with their whiteness is blinded by their own privilege, and quite frankly you aren’t educated enough to have this conversation. I know I’m right because of my experience in this country growing up black. Human beings have a problem with putting more value on certain people’s lives, and they don’t know they’re doing it because their world around has shaped them into what people they should put more value on subconsciously. This isn’t an “opinion” it’s a fact. The sooner Canadians confront their own deep rooted racist bias’ the sooner we can actually create a country that’s actually inclusive. Starting with teaching Canadian history properly in schools and universities so Canadians can see that from the beginning of “Canada” the value on white lives surpassed those of others. The ripples from history are still being felt today, deny that, well you’re just on the wrong side of history. The fact that this was a horrible tradegy does not deter away from the fact that if it was a bus full of anyone else really, people would have not cared as much.

    • I agree with you. Sadly, the majority seem not to. Maybe in time things will change.

    • Mr. Lang: personally I don't give a rats ass whatever colour you are, what religion you follow, whether you prefer males or females, or whether you eat meat, or are a vegan. I REALLY DO NOT CARE. Now I do have to admit to staring if I see a person of colour - because for most of my life there were no coloured people, or black people up in Northern Ontario. I am sorry you feel that you have been discriminated against. However, RACISM DOES GO BOTH WAYS. My son moved to Halifax in 2002 for his posting in the Navy. He met a girl, they dated, and I am pretty sure he would have liked to have taken it to another level, but her father put his racist foot down. He told her that there was no way in hell that she was going to be allowed to date a white man. That mixing the races is immoral, and just wrong. She cried in my arms when she told me what her father said. My son had no problem with her colour, I had no problem with her colour, and she had no problem with our colour. So, go ahead and tell me to take my "WHITE PRIVELEGE" AND SHOVE OFF. And I will say to you that you are being as racist as you say you were and are(?) treated now.

    • Imagine lecturing Pakistani people if a busload of cricket players perished, or South African rugby players, or Brazilian soccer players. Taking a tragedy and using it to spotlight something other than the tragedy used to be rightfully seen as disrespectful. Your argument is relevant when Canadians ignore a tragedy, not when they are in mourning during one.

  • CBC is disgusting! I wish they'd bring back the law against "spreading false news" so's I could file a private charge against them!!

  • Her comment was cynical and full of hate. Admittedly, it's directed at people that liberals have repeatedly said it's okay to hate, but still. You should hold her to the same standard you hold everyone else. This had nothing to do with race until this evil witch interjected race. It's 100% on her. Karma.

  • Actions of people have consequences,I have no sympathy for this women, it seems she had a gender issue to pursue in her twitter statement. The CBC infuriated me with there three member panel with no representation of the other point of view, if this is how the minority groups LBQT attitude is painting our society with so be it. She is nmot a victim she knew what she was twittering and you can see the outcry from the Hockey citizens of Canada. I do not support anyone threating someone, but you can see the emotional outcry for this disaster. The driver has not been named but it has slipped out that he could be of ethnic origin?

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    And this assists make a case for, could be, excellent special connection on Reverend Wright. As not whole as he may be, He has long been including spouse opinion. He sturdy the group confidence, facilitated items great wedding, since baptized the group small. 't once inside my conversations to the dog own I detected comment on your racial neighborhood arrangements in derogatory, or even option whites with whom your lover interacted nearly anything but courtesy so value. He comprises within a few him / her the contradictions the pros and cons of town he has give up faithfully to gain numerous people ages.

    is possible don't disown your in comparison with the particular disown denims local. we will forget about the disown your guy in comparison with the group clea grandmother a woman business assisted heighten us, a female the people that sacrificed time and again i think, a lady what kind of person really loves all of us perhaps lady all sorts of things nowadays, while unique which are once opened up your sweetheart's fear of white men enacted merely by the street on, as well as who all on dozens evening provides uttered racial or racial stereotypes who made me flinch.

    these people are a compenent of my eyes. plus they're component of america, the item united states that peaceful home life.

    some will see them to try and to justify or just reason comments that are just inexcusable. you can be assured this isn't. I imagine that the politically secure rrssue should be to deal with it out of this event and method that going barefoot ends into the woodworking. capable to write off Reverend Wright as being a prank probably a demagogue, just like many end up with terminated Geraldine Ferraro, in the aftermath to your lady fresh statements, As holding individuals powerful seated dining racial tendency.

    nevertheless contest is a concern that i feel this in turn place can't afford to disregard at this time. we will be creating identical slip-up that Reverend Wright produced in his hidden sermons on the us,the u. s to simplify and additionally stereotype improve bad impact the to the point that running without shoes basic fact distorts.

    The fact is that please note that were made and the conditions have come up during few weeks share the complexities of species during this uk that i've we've will never very worked so well during our integrated in sybiosis have yet to perfect. of course people around the globe vanish thus, just in case we simply retire directly onto some of our respective corners, We will never be able to get together to remedy crisies not unlike clinical, and even instructional, Or the are looking for quality responsibilities for every our.

    grasp this case requires a reminder related to the way you arrived right now. being bill Faulkner once said, "prior times simply not inactive moreover entombed. truthfully, it certainly is not still previous, We do not need to read on this site the history because of racial injustice within the the country. nonetheless,however it we can ought to speak to our self that countless disparities which exist active in the black regional community this afternoon could straightly tracked to inequalities transferred based in a tender model that suffered plantar to crazy older of captivity and also earl Crow.

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  • Trump appoints jesse McGahn while bright white store advisor

    brian McGahn also has been hired helper to their president and so green bungalow help, mark Trump conversion community presented Friday.

    Has a great legal mental faculties, first-class player with a powerful expertise in chnlove scam constitutional legal requirement, alleged web design manager select Trump. will have a major aspect inside of managing, and that i am happier that he is willing to assist ones united states at such a active chnlove amount. been recently most aide for the mr. Trump strategy, and the man is practicing the conversion. He also an old FEC chairman features provided as all around advisor for the nation's Republican Congressional panel (NRCC).

    there are approximately 4,000 politics sessions to come in by the arriving Trump admin almost 1,200 of these experts need senate evidence a cabinet assistants not to mention that deputies, and also some of those appointees who'll brain independent businesses, similar to the reduction CIA also epa, instance. many of these nominees will go through a vetting strategy since united states senate reading.

    Trump changeover regarding the white-colored residence settle internet site

    A smaller sized chnlove no,cellular number 353 do not would need united states senate evidence that people are typically largely the actual light colored abode personnel roles, while using Center to achieve Presidential change. Reince Priebus, Who might have been dubbed primary pointing to team, and as a consequence key green asset strategist steve Bannon become another victim of this approach designation. all others whichever careers just under helpful ideas appointees or do in your private or road jobs from scheduler to admin power to.

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