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Baby raves are a thing now

Baby raves are a thing now 

Baby raves are all the rage in California. DJ-driven, high beats parties for toddlers, have made a splash in the Bay Area, with tickets selling out in minutes and parents driving their pacifier sucking party-goers hours to get to the Oakland warehouse where kids can dance and play. The image it calls to mind is dozens upon dozens of spoiled toddlers in frills and dayglo running around while loud electro-pop plays, with harried parents standing on the sidelines checking their phones.

The original raves of the 80s and 90s were drug-fuelled DJ dance parties, where high beats per minute electronic tracks throbbed under pulsing lights. Parties were thrown in warehouses, outdoors, or at nightclubs, and rave culture had a hippie-futurist vibe. In bright colours, with glow sticks, gravity-defying hairstyles, and body paint, accessorized with stuffed animals and mini backpacks, teens and young adults would dance all night to what was then called techno. Mostly they were on drugs, and that extrasensory influence made encounter with music, light, and stranger all the more exhilarating, if toxic and dangerous.

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