Residents along the Gatineau and Ottawa Rivers in the capital region are bracing for more flooding, as rain and warmer temperatures are forecasted this week.

Canadian Forces dispatched to the area over the weekend assisted with sandbagging and emergency measures, while volunteers filled bags at locations on either side of the Ottawa River, in Ontario and Québec.

To date nearly 100 people have been evacuated from Gatineau, Que, hearkening the disastrous floods of 2017 at the rivers’ confluence.

CBC coverage, 2017 flood timeline & photos:

The spring thaw and precipitation are also wreaking havoc in Pontiac, Que, an hour to the west of Ottawa, where in the early hours of Saturday morning a 72-year-old woman failed to avoid a sinkhole and died after her car plunged into a creek.

Approximately 200 soldiers from the Van Doos (Royal 22nd) Regiment in Val Cartier started arriving in Gatineau on Saturday, following Québec Public Safety minister Geneviève Guilbault’s request for military assistance.