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It’s often said, “the cover-up is worse than the crime.”

And while there may be some wisdom to that, it’s also true that an attempted cover-up can be a sign of something far worse than just an attempt to deceive.

Consider the resurgence of the SNC-Lavalin PMO Scandal.

The Liberals election kick-off has been devastated by two bombshell stories by the Globe and Mail, first revealing that the Liberals are blocking the RCMP from getting the information they need for a potential obstruction investigation, and then revealing that Jody Wilson-Raybould was interviewed by the RCMP this week.

As Siddak Ahuja reported earlier in The Post Millennial:

The reason behind the secrecy was cabinet confidentiality. Liberals say that a waiver for confidentiality was not provided by the Clerk of the Privy Council, meaning that people in the know-how did not have the privilege to speak to the RCMP or the Ethics Commissioner.

Earlier in the year, Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion faced similar stonewalling during his inquiries which accumulated in the Trudeau II report alleging that the prime minister had broken ethics laws.

Now, we have to ask the following question: If the Liberals are willing to so blatantly block an investigation, what are they so afraid of Canadians finding out?

They must have known that their effort to block an investigation would leak out, especially in the chaotic atmosphere of an election campaign. And they must have known that their attempt to hide behind the Privy Council Clerk would fail, since the decision ultimately lies with Trudeau.

So, the Trudeau Liberals appear to have made the calculation that getting ripped for a cover-up and for blocking the RCMP is better than what would happen if the Canadian People found out the truth.

And that will make people wonder whether the Liberals are covering up crimes.

At this point, Canadians are right to be asking that question.

After all, the Liberals have done everything possible to block any true investigation at every turn, shutting down committees, refusing to waive cabinet confidentiality, and now even getting in the way of the RCMP.

The Liberals are now undeniably deploying a strategy of desperately pushing off any RCMP investigation or intervention until after the election, hoping they can make the scandal go away and then deal with the fallout after the campaign—since they arrogantly assume they’ll maintain power.

But in doing that, in denying the truth to Canadians, the Liberals are putting their own partisan interests above the interests of the Canadian People, and are making a mockery of the rule of law. That alone is reason enough for Trudeau and the Liberal cabal to be decisively defeated.