Arabic to be Taught in Alberta Schools

 It will be offered at any school in Alberta where 12 or more students want to learn Arabic. 

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Students in Kindergarten to Grade 12 in Alberta will soon be able to learn Arabic in the classroom as the province takes the current curriculum provided in the Edmonton Public School system and makes it province-wide.

The government announced Saturday night that an Arabic school curriculum will available for schools to access starting in fall 2018.

It will be offered at any school in Alberta where 12 or more students want to learn Arabic.

Edmonton Public Schools trustee Cheryl Johner says the existing language curriculum is extremely popular and is the fastest growing language program within the school district.

“This curriculum is available to not only Arabic-speaking students but also non-Arabic-speaking students. All students are welcome in the Arabic speaking program if they want to learn a new language,” she said.


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  1. Canada is a bilingual country. English and French…We can barely speak or write either…So why Arabic? Is there options to learn German, Ukranian, Swedish, Norwegian, Spanish or Mandrin from K-12 in public schools? Is this a bi-product of a vocal minority. Over the years cuts have been made to the Arts and Music in public schools. To me in my opinion this is a HUGE waste of time and money. Alberta was not built on Arabic it was built by a large number of the languages I specified above…I would rather have the Arabic community embrace Canada or Alberta for what it is and our culture. Celebrate your culture in your home and places of worship or continue to build your own schools with private money. Seems like every other culture tries to blend into Canada by celebrating Canada whilst the Muslim community whats to turn us into Bagdad north.

  2. Why can’t schools teach anishinaabemowin? Language that belongs to Canada for thousands of years before French and English.

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