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Angus Reid: 40 % of Canadians Worried About Radicalized Individuals Living in Their Communities

According to a recent poll by Angus Reid “some four-in-ten Canadians (41%) say they believe there are radicalized individuals living in their communities today. One-quarter (24%) say no such individuals exist where they live, and the rest (35%) are unsure”

The poll further found that 54% of individuals viewed homegrown terrorism as a genuine threat rather than something that is overblown by politicians and the media.

Why Does This Matter?

This is an extremely interesting and polarized response.

As a whole, the data represents a marginal shift towards a reduction in the fear of a possible attack (fewer people believe we are in danger today than in 2014) from some portions of the polled population, while also showing a marginal increase in the fear that we have radicalized individuals living within our communities.

How can these two things occur without there being a direct separation between voters?

I suspect that it cant without ideological seperation, and as a result, the nation may be heading further towards a state of divisive politics or at least differentiated politics s more and more individuals adopt beliefs which likely oppose that of their fellow Canadians in another city or perhaps province.

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  • So 40% of the people are satisfied - That correlates the rest into 2 groups - Those sheep terrified that we're at risk and the remaining so cautious of being accused of islamophobia - we don't really experience Amish parking IED's garden sheds in the middle of the night to the sound of clapping hooves - Do we ? .....

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